Despite stumbling out of the gate when it launched, Diablo 3 has become a mega-smash success. Judging from the number of copies sold in its first week, we at Game Rant can only imagine how many mice have bitten the dust with all that clicking.

There were some legitimate criticisms of Diablo 3, such as the lack of customization that players found in Diablo 2, and how weapons for certain classes did not really act like weapons at all but instead like worn equipment. While Blizzard said it didn’t want players to create poor character builds, the dumbing-down of some of the RPG elements that players loved from Diablo 2 seemed odd.

Which brings us to this new video posted on YouTube by Athene, the self-proclaimed “Best Gamer in The World.” Say what you want about his mannerisms and tact (Stevie Wonder edition? Really?), but Athene has a massive fan following and is one of the most rabid gamers out there. In the clip at the top of this page, Athene shows an edited video where he super-imposes a video of himself into the corner of the action, so viewers can see his face while he plays what’s on the screen.

Diablo 3 Bosses Video

Athene essentially defeats all the game’s bosses with his eyes closed. Funny, silly video, right? Sure, it is, but it brings up several interesting questions about Diablo 3.

  1. Does Diablo 3 require any skill to play?
  2. Are the best players in Diablo 3 spending a fortune in the Real Money Auction Houses?
  3. Is Diablo 3 only about equipment farming?
  4. How much real money would the average gamer have to spend to buy Athene’s equipment?

Yes, all of those questions are rhetorical.

As a huge fan of Diablo 2, but a somewhat disappointed fan of Diablo 3, this video just reaffirms what I already thought and believed about Diablo 3: it’s all about the equipment that the player farms (or buys), and it’s considerably lacking in what it requires from players in terms of actual gaming skill. I give mad props to the guys who beat Inferno with Hardcore characters, and I’m not saying Athene has no gaming skill (far from it), but his video is rather an indictment of Blizzard and its finished product, which has been changed so much from what I found fun about Diablo 2.

Ranters, is Diablo 3 all about the equipment? Are you buying items with real money?

Diablo 3 is available now for the PC.

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