Diablo 3 Black Ops 2 Record Pre Orders

As expected, Activision, or more specifically Activision Blizzard, is gearing up to have another banner year. During the publisher’s quarterly investors call they revealed that not only are Black Ops 2 pre-orders on pace to break records, but so is the highly anticipated Diablo 3.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that despite being in its infancy as far as marketing pushes go, Black Ops 2 is already breaking the early pre-order records set by Modern Warfare 3 one year ago. Many figured that Black Ops 2 might be a turning point for the series, and that sales for Treyarch‘s latest might be the first to show a down tick as far as sales comparisons go, but apparently that is not the case.

Granted, Treyarch is trying something extremely original with Black Ops 2setting the game in the near future and in the past — but at some point something has to give. Unfortunately, this is not going to be the one to give, as Activision reports that YouTube views for the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer were up 82% compared to the reveal of Modern Warfare 3.

That’s not taking into account the millions who just happened to come across the trailer in the midst of a playoff basketball game. Still, this is a sequel to 2010’s best-selling game, and we all know how well sequels tend to do.

And then there’s Diablo 3, the game that a lot of Blizzard fans have had pre-ordered for over two years. It should come as no shock to hear that Diablo 3 pre-orders have already set a new record for Blizzard.

They might take their time to handcraft each title to perfection, but part of that attention to detail always leads to some huge sales numbers, and Diablo 3 is no different. It might get more attention for its auction houses — that allow players to earn real currency by selling in-game items — but for the first week, at least, Diablo 3 sales will be the thing to talk about.

Activision also has several other titles of note set to release this year, including Skylanders Giants — the Call of Duty of kids’ video game experiences. They certainly don’t need the cash flow, but it’s coming in regardless.

Are you a pre-order holder for both Diablo 3 and Black Ops 2? Are there any other Activision titles that you are looking forward to picking up this year?

Source: Activision Blizzard