Despite all of the errors, hackings, and delays, some people have actually been playing Diablo 3. In fact, a couple gamers have managed to do what many will never even attempt: beat Diablo 3 on Inferno difficulty with Hardcore characters. Bashiok, the community manager at Blizzard, confirmed this on Twitter on Tuesday morning, making Kripparrian the barbarian and Krippi the wizard the first to accomplish this herculean task.

For anyone unaware of just how impressive this feat is, Hardcore characters in Diablo 3 are unique because once they die, they are permanently wiped from the player’s account. That means every battle could be a player’s last, no matter how much progress has been made.

Those that have attempted this feat know how intense and terrifying encounters while playing Hardcore characters can be, so this nearly half hour video of the end of the game provided by Kripparrian himself will be all the more remarkable:

Note: This video does include the completion of Diablo 3 – there will be spoilers:


In the video description, Kripp also points out that this was completed before the 1.0.3 patch, an update that most notably nerfed the damage received from several enemies and bosses, especially on Inferno difficulty. In other words, providing future patches do not make the game more difficult, Kripp and Krippi might be the only players to make it all the way through the original Inferno difficulty mode with Hardcore characters.

Regardless, the race is on to see who else will be able to match Kripparrian in the coming weeks and months. Now that the real-money auction house is open to the public, collecting the best gear will be even easier for players trudging through the game’s most challenging difficulties, if not slightly more expensive.

Ranters, have you attempted to play through Diablo 3 with Hardcore characters yet, or is the risk of losing hours of progress just too much? Could you ever see yourself making it all the way through Inferno with that character? Let us know in the comments below.

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