Blizzard is once again talking about the real money Auction House for Diablo 3, and has announced that they are now targeting June 12th for the contentious feature’s release. Originally slated to release on two different dates in late May, the Auction House was eventually pushed to some time in June as a result of Diablo 3’s continuous string of problems.

The confirmation of the release date comes by way of a Diablo 3 in-game message that labels the aforementioned June 12th as the day. That only was revealed last night, so it’s still early and definitely has the possibility of being pushed, especially since gamers have begun encountering problems again recently.

At launch gamers were encountering a wide swath of issues, but mostly problems connecting to the game’s servers, and now it appears many of those various problems are rearing their ugly heads once again. Despite knowing that the Auction House will net Blizzard more dollars on top of Diablo 3‘s record-setting sales numbers, the developer is waiting until things are as close to perfect as possible before launching.

Gamers could argue that if it weren’t for Blizzard’s piracy prevention tactics that the Auction House would be up and running, but that’s a forgone conclusion at this point. The developer believed that a single player game needed to be always connected to a server to ensure that all copies of the game were purchased legitimately, and that’s what they are doing.

Imagine if the Auction House had launched with pirated copies circulating the web, that in and of itself could be a nightmare. At least these piracy prevention measures will ensure that gamers, on the whole, won’t be getting ripped off.

Since the Auction House’s announcement gamers have been waiting with bated breath to see just how this concept goes over with die-hard Diablo fans, but unfortunately these delays have only served to exacerbate the issue. Rather than treat the Auction House as a fun way to earn a little extra cash, and be rewarded for accumulated some extra loot, the delays only remind Diablo 3 players that their game is still broken.

Do you think that Diablo 3‘s real money Auction House will make its June 12th release date? Have you been accumulating tons of loot in the hopes of selling it online?