‘Diablo 3’ Armory Teaser Reveals an Easter Egg

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Diablo 3 remains one of the most popular games of 2012, thanks in part to a rabid and dedicated fan base. However, recent issues have drawn the ire of players again, such as the Wizard exploit, only to have it put back down and make room for another character exploit with Barbarians. We questioned whether Diablo 3 required any skill to play last month, and while Blizzard is still preparing the first major patch as well as the upcoming Armory, Diablo 3 remains a controversy among fans.

Blizzard still adamantly defends its online-only requirement, saying it preserves the longevity of the game – though it’s curious to note that Blizzard also acknowledges that the game itself lacks end-game content, meaning that additional updates will be critical to appeasing the masses.

One of those upcoming updates was teased by Diablo 3‘s Facebook page with the image below. Click to enlarge:

Diablo 3 Armory Teaser Image
It is highly assumed that the update Blizzard teasing is the aforementioned Armory update to Diablo3.com (another missing feature at launch), allowing player profiles to be shared online, giving everyone the ability to show off all the cool gear they grinded for days obtaining – or wasted, er, spent their paychecks on gear in the Auction House. But that’s only the surface of what players discovered.

The image itself contains an Easter egg from Blizzard’s days past, the algebraic proof that 0.999… recurring is equal to 1. The proof, for those interested in that sort of thing, is as follows:

LIM(M-> ∞ )SUM(n=1)^M(9)/(10^n)=1
x = 0.999…
10x = 9.999…
10x – x = 9.999… -0.999…
9x = 9x = 1

It’s not entirely clear why the algebraic proof is there, but it does harken back to yesteryear and Blizzard’s own fascination/obsession with the proof. According to the Wikipedia entry on 0.999…, Blizzard issued a company statement on April 1, 2004 (note the date) to address the popular topic on the Battle.net forums:

“We are very excited to close the book on this subject once and for all. We’ve witnessed the heartache and concern over whether .999~ does or does not equal 1, and we’re proud that the following proof finally and conclusively addresses the issue for our customers.”

What exactly does this have to do with the upcoming update to Diablo 3? Probably nothing, but Blizzard simply wanted to make a few old-timers smile and remember conversations from years past. The proof does give the image an interesting look and feel to it, so perhaps it was better than simply adding gibberish.

Diablo 3 Easter Egg in Armory Image

Or maybe the formula is actually a hidden code in the game to make Diablo 3 more fun? We can only hope.

Diablo 3 is now available for the PC and Mac.

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