Diablo 2 Speedrun Beat Without Using Attacks

While some gamers choose to play the latest and greatest titles released, others opt to continue replaying older games, such as Diablo 2. In fact, gamers like DrCliche does more than just play Diablo 2, he speedruns it, and recently completed a pacifist speedrun of the entire five acts in under eight hours.

The impressive Diablo 2 speedrun can be seen in all its glory in the video below, where DrCliche shows off his masterful skills as a pacifist in the demon-filled RPG. The speedrun took DrCliche seven hours and 41 minutes exactly to complete the full game, including the Lord of Destruction expansion set.

It’s worth noting that DrCliche’s rules for his pacifist run were that he couldn’t proactively attack enemies. However, he was able to stop and even kill enemies thanks to his thorn-covered armor, which injured enemies when they struck him. As viewers watch the speedrun, they can see this armor in action taking down demons as DrCliche plows his way through each area.

The biggest challenge for DrCliche came from taking on bosses, especially Lord De Seis in the game’s fourth act. Unlike other enemies, Lord De Seis is unskippable and has ranged or elemental attacks, making him tough to defeat as a pacifist. However, DrCliche explains in the video how he was able to beat the seemingly impossible boss:

“But De Seis's elemental attacks do proc Chilling Armor, and at level 30, with Cold Mastery, 6 points in Chilling Armor, and a +2 staff, you do damage quickly and consistently enough to keep Lord de Seis from ever casting Bestow.”

Those interested in taking a stab at a pacifist run in Diablo 2 can follow DrCliche’s guide that he provided on Reddit. Granted, such a feat isn’t something just anyone can do. Those who haven’t played Diablo 2 or who haven’t touched the game in a while may need to work on their skills a bit if they plan to challenge DrCliche’s pacifist speedrun time.

Diablo 2 gameplay

Gamers can also look forward to the Diablo 2 Necromancer making a return in Diablo 3. In fact, the playable character is available now for those who have access to the closed test realms of the game.

Additionally, the Diablo 2 Necromancer has been added to the Heroes of the Storm roster. So, it’s as good a time as any to revisit Diablo 2 and enjoy the nostalgia before experiencing an updated Necromancer in both Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm.

Diablo 2 is available for PC.

Source: Nickolas – YouTube

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