New Details Emerge For Devil's Third

Quite some time has passed since we got our first glimpse at Devil's Third (A little thing called E3 2010 got in the way), but Tomonobu Igataki's latest interview is helping to fill in some of the gaps left by the game's short, fast and very bloody debut trailer.

The head of Valhalla Game Studios and mastermind behind the DOA and Ninja Gaiden franchises confirmed that Devil's Third will feature a wide variety of combat styles, weapons, and speeds that offer gamers a unique shooter experience.

Before reading on, go ahead and get yourself reacquainted with the Devil's Third trailer.

Gory, loud and chock full of gameplay, right?  Ah yeah, that's the stuff.

Right off the bat, Igataki quickly clarified that Devil's Third was indeed a shooter and that the trailer was designed to show off the game's unique concept:

"There are probably many who think 'There can't be a shooter like this' and 'It's not bound within the shooting genre.'  In a word, it's that type of shooter...The trailer was just the concept of 'it's this type of game.'  And not only that, but it conveys just a small part of the experience.  There are the close combat elements, the shooting elements, the violence, and also the extremely three dimensional gameplay."

According to Igataki, Devil's Third will also feature "an unbelievable number" of customizable weapons, a true martial arts engine built from scratch and speed changes based on the player's equipped weapon.  Additionally, the player will be able to better control combat while making an elevation change (Say, jumping from above onto an unsuspecting enemy below).  Finally, Igataki promises online play that will have "everything" from standard battles to full blown team battles.

Igataki is also confident that Devil's Third will not just be a stand alone game.  With "a number of Hollywood script writers" on board to help pen the story, expect plans for a lot of cross media development.

From the trailer, the game looks impressively fast but perhaps in need of polishing.  With Igataki admitting that Devil's Third is no more than ten percent complete, it is no surprise that the graphics do not yet look completely tuned.  However, we still know nothing about the gameplay mechanics, the charters, or the vaunted "Hollywood" plot at this point, which can easily arouse suspicion in skeptical gamers such as myself.

How does the aiming function work, especially at high speeds?  Who are the characters, and what are their backgrounds?  How seamless is the transition from gunplay to hand-to-hand combat?  How many rockets can I shoot at once?  Will there be a sappy Hollywood love story in the midst of the bloodbath?

Obviously, Igataki is not yet ready to answer these questions, so I'm not yet ready to pass judgment on Devil's Third.  I've never shied away from gore, I really, really like pump action shotguns, and Igataki has a prestigious resumé. But I'll wait until his promises become onscreen realities before I pencil this game into my "Oh My God If I Don't Play This I Will Have To Kill Several Kittens And Then Myself" list.

Devil's Third is currently in development for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  Game Rant will update when it catches wind of an official release date.

Source:  andriasang

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