'Devil May Cry HD Collection' May Be Available Right Now

Devil May Cry HD Street Date Broken

Though the Devil May Cry HD Collection isn't officially slated to release in stores until the 3rd of April it appears that several retailers around the country have begun selling the devil-hunting title right now. While sources won't divulge exactly why Devil May Cry's street date has been broken it is believed that Capcom wanted to inspire gamers to get out and purchase the game.

It also might be possible that Capcom wanted to escape the digital business model and thought that this would be the perfect way to do so. According to GameStop, the title is available for sale because there no longer is a release date. Confused? So are we.

Upon calling up two different GameStops, two competing responses were found. One claimed that the game is not available, and said that it would be out on the 3rd as listed. The other, however, said I wasn't the first to call and that the game is out.

It's not unheard of for a retailer to break the street date for a title, but typically it is for something much more anticipated than the HD re-release of some pretty cool hack-n-slash titles released starting in 2001. In all honesty it's unclear what's going on with Devil May Cry HD Collection at this point, but if it is some sort of mistake, then I'd suggest going out there and picking up your copy before it gets pulled.

Reviews thus far have praised the look of protagonist Dante and enemies in the game, but some elements like the game's menu and cutscenes still appear extremely dated. If you're looking for that trademark Devil May Cry action though, and are feeling like Ninja Theory's work on their new DmC game isn't going to cut it, then this is the best bet.

Have you attempted to secure your copy of Devil May Cry HD now that the release date appears to have changed? Which of the three titles are you most excited about re-experiencing?

Devil May Cry HD Collection officially releases April 4, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Joystiq



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