Devil May Cry HD Re-releases

There are a number of anniversaries in gaming taking place this year. The Legend of Zelda series is celebrating its 25th year, Sonic the Hedgehog is now 20, and even Resident Evil had a 15th anniversary celebration. Joining the list, the Devil May Cry series is turning 10. Though things have been pretty quiet lately regarding DmC, the newest title in the series, an anniversary is always a cause for celebration. As such, Capcom may be bringing the best of the series to current generation consoles via an HD re-release.

All we have to go on is the ESRB website listings for the first three Devil May Cry games being updated to include both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in their platforms lists. Neither Capcom or Ninja Theory have made any announcements regarding a re-release of the games, or anything being done to celebrate the series’s 10th anniversary at all. Consequently, it remains unknown whether the games will be updated with HD graphics (though that would be a logical assumption) or simply a re-released in their current state onto Xbox Live or PSN. Perhaps Capcom’s handling of Resident Evil 4 HD and Code: Veronica X HD offers a clue about what to expect.

There is some evidence to support the idea that the Devil May Cry re-release will be disc-based. Apparently, a Spanish retailer posted an ad showing the three games together, titled the 10th Anniversary Collection. That ad was soon taken down, but it did list a release date of November 30th, which would follow the series’ 10th anniversary celebration on October 17th. It doesn’t seem particularly unlikely that the games could be released again, as they were actually packaged together back in 2006 for Devil May Cry’s 5th anniversary.

What with the series kinda-sorta being remade with the newest title, and Dante getting a redesign, it would make sense to look back on how Devil May Cry has progressed to this point. A re-release of the first games does have the potential to backfire, though. With many fans still not liking the changes made to Dante for the new game, it doesn’t make much sense to show them how cool he used to be.

Do you think an HD re-release of the first three Devil May Cry games is likely? How should Capcom handle it?

DmC Devil May Cry is expected to release sometime next year for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection remains unconfirmed, for now.

Source: 1up