Although E3 2017 was filled with plenty of big name titles and unexpected surprises, there were also a few developers and industry figures that were notably absent. Some got ahead of the curve and confirmed they would be not making an appearance, like Death Stranding developer Hideo Kojima, while others explained their no-show after things calmed down.

One dev that explained why his next game didn’t make the E3 2017 cut was Hideaki Itsuno, known best as the director of a few games in the Devil May Cry series. Specifically, Itsuno was in charge of entries number 2, 3, and 4 in the adventures of Dante.

But while Itsuno did not make any big announcement during E3 2017, he did offer a short update on his next project. According to Itsuno, development on the new game is “progressing smoothly,” which suggests that it may be ready for a public unveiling soon.

Obviously, most fans hope that Itsuno’s next project is a new entry in the Devil May Cry series, either a new reboot or Devil May Cry 5. In fact, it seemed all but confirmed that a Devil May Cry title was in the works when voice actor Ruben Langdon was spotted wearing a mocap suit. However that wasn’t very long ago, which puts development on the project at a very early stage and likely not ready for a public showing.

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There is also the question of what Capcom is going to do about DMC, the reboot Devil May Cry that was developed by Ninja Theory. While controversial at the outset, DMC turned out to be a quality character action game and some hoped that the developer would get another crack at that universe. Unfortunately, rumors surfaced that suggested the reboot series might be cancelled, potentially as a result of the negative fan feedback over Dante’s new look.

The other more recent series that Itsuno has been tied to is Dragon’s Dogma, which is due for a follow-up as well. Granted, Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t have as rabid a following as Devil May Cry, but it does have its fair share of fans. And even if Itsuno’s project turns out to be one of the two, that doesn’t mean the other isn’t also in the works.

Source: Hideaki Itsuno