Dante is Front and Center in New 'Devil May Cry' Screenshots

Despite claims to the contrary, this Dante featured in the new Devil May Cry, succinctly titled DmC, will be quite similar to the Dante gamers have grown quite fond of over the years. In fact, new screenshots for the game have been released that not only show Dante enacting some of his signature moves, but also give a brief glimpse of a monstrous boss and Dante with white hair.

That’s right, though this DmC Dante might appear to be a complete 180 from the traditional visage of Dante, he actually is quite similar. The combination of sword and gunplay seen in the game’s trailers is very much akin to Capcom’s style, and his ‘Devil Trigger’ mode gives Dante the white-haired look we thought Ninja Theory was originally going to be delivering.

Aside from that the screenshots are pretty standard, and actually don’t show much of the stunningly realized locales that Ninja Theory is known for creating. Perhaps, since there is a tremendous amount of Devil May Cry fans still suspect of this title, Capcom felt it better to put Dante front and center and show this iteration’s similarities to his predecessor. You be the judge.

After having experience Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Heavenly Sword for yourself you might be more likely to accept this new vision for Devil May Cry, but without that added knowledge this title might seem a bit off. There are elements here and there that feel very akin to the series’ roots, like the trippy trailer that was release a few days ago, but ultimately this is a unique take and a big gamble.

Most might be willing to overlook the new look, and maybe even find solace in the fact that white-haired Dante does make an appearance, but this is a title that will rely heavily on its milieu and story to lure wary gamers in. So far it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, but there’s still a lot of interest there.

Meanwhile, Capcom will be re-releasing the first three Devil May Cry games in The Devil May Cry HD Collection sometime next year. A brand new trailer has just been made available, check it out below.


What do you think of these new Devil May Cry screenshots? Are you willing to give this title a chance based solely on the merits of its developer?

Devil May Cry and The Devil May Cry HD Collection are both slated for a 2012 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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