Devil May Cry 6 Teased by Voice Actor?

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It's been a good year so far for Capcom, as the Japanese developer first struck gold in January after re-releasing Resident Evil 2 to universal praise and is poised to once again hit it big with the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion next month. To the surprise of many, Devil May Cry 5 also became a huge seller and has seemingly pushed the company to work on a sequel.

While nothing official has come from Capcom, its plans for the future of Devil May Cry may have leaked early thanks to Dante's voice actor at the recent Anime Festival Orlando 2019. Towards the end of a panel that many of the voice actors were holding, Reuben Langdon asked that all fans put away their phones as he had an exclusive announcement to show off with permission from Capcom.

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What happened next isn't known as that portion of the panel is under NDA, meaning no one can legally discuss what was shown. The panel itself was captured and posted to Facebook by Daniel Southworth, voice actor of Vergil from Devil May Cry 5. The moment comes right at the end, though the footage is cut before anything meaningful is shown or said regarding the announcement.

LIVE from Anime Festival Orlando!! The Sparda Squad! #DMC #DMC5 #AFO

Posted by Daniel Southworth on Saturday, August 10, 2019

The timing of this announcement is interesting as its pretty early to be announcing or showing off a sequel. While it's still possible that this announcement could be for a new entry down the road, the idea that it could be DLC is starting to pick up steam. Although Capcom has previously stated that Devil May Cry 5 wouldn't be getting any more content past the Bloody Palace update, datamining efforts have seemingly revealed a fourth playable character. Whatever happens next is only known to those in the audience until Capcom releases the footage, but either way, there does appear to be more Devil May Cry coming.

Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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