A voice actor by the name of Nils Hognestad lists the unannounced Devil May Cry 5 on his resume, possibly leaking the game ahead of its intended reveal.

While many are anticipating a Resident Evil 7 announcement at E3 this year, fans may also be able to look forward to the reveal of another Capcom sequel at the show. If the resume of voice actor Nils Hognestad is to be believed, Devil May Cry 5 could be set for a reveal at E3 2016 next week.

Hognestad’s resume, which has since been edited to remove any reference to Devil May Cry 5, claims that he is playing the lead role in the game. Capcom hasn’t announced a new Devil May Cry project in years, unless one counts the Devil May Cry 4 remaster that released last summer, so the series is overdue for a new entry.

The fact that Hognestad quickly removed any references to Devil May Cry 5 from his resume makes it easier to believe that he accidentally outed the game’s existence. And if Hognestad’s resume is to be believed, it can offer some potential clues as to what form the supposed Devil May Cry 5 will take.

First and foremost, the title “Devil May Cry 5” is very telling in and of itself. The game would technically be the sixth main series entry in the franchise after 2013’s DmC reboot, which insinuates that Capcom is ignoring the reboot in favor of picking up where Devil May Cry 4 left off instead.


Despite DmC earning strong reviews when it released a few years ago, the game was not welcomed with open arms by fans. Many complained about protagonist Dante’s redesigned look, with franchise creator Hideki Kamiya even speaking out against the change.

Another clue that the DmC reboot is being left by the wayside comes from Hognestad’s resume listing him in the “lead role” for Devil May Cry 5. Assuming that Dante is the main character in the new game, as he has been in almost all of the previous ones, Hognestad playing the role would indicate that DmC Dante voice actor Tom Phillips has been given the boot.

We may find out if Devil May Cry 5 exists come E3 next week, but even if the game isn’t announced at the expo, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the works. There’s no telling how far along in development the alleged Devil May Cry 5 actually is, but considering the sales success of the franchise, it’s probable that Capcom is at least considering a sequel of some sort. Until an official announcement, though, take any information about the game with a grain of salt.

Devil May Cry 5 is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Shack News