Capcom Reveals New 'Devil May Cry' Game, Trailer Shows a Redesigned Dante

New Devil May Cry Shows Off A New, Younger Dante

At the Tokyo Game Show this year, there has been a big announcement that is being met with very mixed reviews. It seems Capcom is in the midst of developing a new Devil May Cry with the help of Ninja Theory. The fact that Ninja Theory is involved is causing very mixed feelings, leaving some gamers wondering why the game is being Americanized, and others interested just because they enjoy Ninja Theory's games such as Heavenly Sword.

Capcom has released an announcement trailer for the game, and a few screenshots to show us the game's new look, and this is where most of the controversy enters. The main character who we all know and love, Dante, has been given a new look. However, this Dante is a child--or an adolescent teen, however you want to view him. You can see this in the header above or in the image below:

Devil May Cry 5 - New Younger Dante

The fact that Dante is being made to look like a kid now is what most people are up in arms about. Some are mad just because the trademark silver hair as gone, others because he is smoking now, others just because of everything about him in general. So, Capcom and Ninja Theory already have some huge adversity to make up for with their character design decisions.

The game play seems to retain its same style, albeit a little revamped and a little more spectacular looking. It definitely seems like a nice blend between Heavenly Sword's combat and the traditional Devil May Cry. Here, take a look for yourselves:


So apparently Dante as a kid was imprisoned in some sort of rehabilitation program, chained up and receiving "psycho evaluation treatment". They ask Dante, "What is your name?" The trailer transitions into an in-game cut-scene, and straight off away you can tell that they are trying to use his cigarette as a way to make him look more bad-ass. As Dante pulls a cigarette from his lips ands puts it out in the face of a demon. The old Dante never needed a cigarette in order to look cool.

Some people are looking at his lack of silver hair and his new smoking addiction and wondering if this whole thing is just a play to build hype. They are thinking maybe this character thinks he is Dante and is actually a different, insane child. It would be a pretty interesting twist, though I don't know how well that would fit in with the DmC world. I guess it will all be revealed in due time.

There are no release dates or further announcements for the new Devil May Cry yet, but expect to hear more details soon.

Source: CVG, Kotaku

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