Devil May Cry 5: How to Farm Red Orbs and Get Rich Quick

devil may cry 5 dr. faust hat dance

Red orbs are the primary currency in Devil May Cry 5, used to do everything from purchase upgrades for the three playable characters to buying revives if players are downed in battle. Considering how important red orbs are in Devil May Cry 5, it's good for players to have a large stash of them at all times, and as it turns out, they can use a recently discovered exploit to farm over 5 million red orbs per hour.

The best way to farm red orbs in Devil May Cry 5, as outlined by PowerPyx, is on Mission 13 after unlocking Dante's special Dr. Faust weapon (the hat). They will then want to upgrade Dr. Faust to level 4, and play to the end of Mission 13. It's here that players are supposed to destroy four blood clots to advance the story, but there are also four monster nests that spawn as well. Equip Dr. Faust, switch to the Gun (ranged) fighting style by pushing left on the d-pad, and then lock onto enemies with the right bumper, spamming the Circle/B button until they're all dead.

If done properly, players should amass over 85,000 red orbs in a single minute. When all the enemies are dead, Devil May Cry 5 players can simply reload the checkpoint and repeat the process as much as they want, earning about 5 million red orbs in an hour. It takes about 12 million red orbs total to buy all the upgrades in the game, so players will want to use this trick a few times.

Devil May Cry 5 players will want to use this exploit now because it's likely that Capcom will patch it in the future. After all, Capcom is selling red orbs through microtransactions, with 100,000 red orbs costing $1.99. If players use this exploit to farm red orbs and get rich quick, then they will really have no reason to ever buy the microtransactions.

It may be wise to do this trick to get far more red orbs than needed to buy all the upgrades. As previously mentioned, Devil May Cry 5 lets players use red orbs to revive themselves when they go down in fights, and so having a huge stash of them can help players get through the game's harder difficulty settings.

Devil May Cry is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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