Devil May Cry 5 Won't Get Any More DLC

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Devil May Cry 5, the long-awaited latest entry in Capcom's hack-and-slash series, has been a critical and financial success for the company, as it was reported as being one of the top ten best-selling games in March. Rather than continue to capitalize on the title, though, Capcom has confirmed that development on the game is completely wrapped up, meaning there are no plans to make any new DLC for it.

Devil May Cry 5 did receive one piece of free DLC at the beginning of the month in DMC5's Bloody Palace, a gauntlet of sorts that allows players to take control of any of the three main characters (Nero, Dante and V) and take on a swarm of enemies and bosses across 101 floors. Considered the ultimate challenge, it requires players to fully understand how the flow of combat works if they're ever going to make it through every floor and receive some unique rewards.

However, many fans were hoping to see more content be included down the line, particularly new playable characters like Trish and Lady, who both make appearances in the game as NPCs. Even Capcom's Matt Walker expressed his disappointment with the decision on Twitter, debunking a rumor that the two ladies would be playable.

This also debunks the rumor that a certain other character would be added down the line. This info does feature MASSIVE SPOILERS from the main game so those who have yet to clear DMC 5 should look away now.

At one point in time, dataminers believed to have found proof that Vergil, Dante's antagonistic brother and the final boss of the game, would be made playable in Devil May Cry 5 as well. Given the character's overwhelming popularity, this seemed like a given, though sadly this is officially no longer the case.

Given that Devil May Cry 4 received an updated remaster several years after its release that added Trish, Lady, and Vergil as playable characters, along with their own levels, there's always a chance that Capcom changes its mind and releases definitive edition for Devil May Cry 5 with these characters added down the line. At this point, however, that is mere speculation with no evidence to back it up.

Devil May Cry 5 is available right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Matt Walker - Twitter (via VideoGamer)

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