‘Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition’ Coming June 23

By | 1 year ago 

The current console generation has seen the re-release of a number of the most well loved games from recent gaming history. Some of the best-selling games of the PS4 and Xbox One have been remastered versions of older games, with the likes of The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V offering stark improvements over their previous iterations. Although adopters of new gen hardware may have been disappointed by the number of updated versions of older games, there has been the positive of giving gamers the chance to play a classic game they may have missed.

Some of the choices for remastered editions have been more obvious than others, however. Whilst games like Tomb Raider or the recently rumored Dishonored re-release make sense, due to being released relatively close to the end of the previous console cycle, others certainly have reason to raise an eyebrow. This was the case with Capcom’s special edition version of Devil May Cry 4, a game originally released in 2008. The publisher announced the title alongside the DMC: Devil May Cry remaster in December of last year.

Now, Capcom has revealed more finite details about the updated Devil May Cry 4 project, including a release date that is just around the corner. The publisher has announced that Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will be released on June 23 in North America and Europe. The enhanced edition will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and the title will retail for $25.


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition comes with a wealth of additional content. Most impressively, Capcom has boosted the game up to 1080p, and the title will run at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, the game will feature an all-new Legendary Dark Knight Mode, which makes the title far more difficult, filling levels with additional enemies. The Legendary Dark Knight Mode was previously only available in the PC version of the game, but will now be available on consoles for the first time.

That is not the only addition to gameplay that the enhanced addition provides, however. Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will also bring three new playable characters to the fore in Vergil, Lady, and Trish. Those who pre-order the remastered version will get bonus costumes for Trish and Lady, whilst PS4 purchasers will also get a custom theme.

The remastered edition of Devil May Cry 4 follows closely on the footsteps of the enhanced edition of another Devil May Cry title. The Ninja Theory DMC remaster offered up a polished version of the original game, impressive for newcomers but somewhat limited for those who owned the initial release. Let’s see whether Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition gives fans of the series more in terms of reasons to reinvest.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will be released on June 23 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.