New 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Trailer Introduces Adam Jensen

Deus Ex Human Revolution Meet Adam Jensen Trailer

You know about the setting of the latest Deus Ex game, Human Revolution, you know about some of the gameplay mechanics, and most of all, you know that it's about the quiet badass, Adam Jensen.

But who is he, really?

The latest trailer released for the Eidos Montreal game details a bit of Jensen's backstory - and he wasn't always the cybernetically enhanced killing machine as previous footage has depicted. He was probably just a regular killing machine.

Adam Jensen was already a security consultant for Sarif Industries, but it seems like he was in a relationship with one of the employees there, the woman with whom you see the real-time game conversation with - who may have been killed. You also see the big oaf of a bad guy seen in the previous trailers kidnapping someone, presumable David Sarif himself.

Even better, there's some more gameplay that's revealed at the very end, showing more shooting mechanics and the third person cover/shooting abilities. And of course, no Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is complete without showcasing arm swords stabbing people, this time you see blood.

Check out the latest trailer and learn a bit about Adam's past:


Human Revolution is going to have a lot of interesting points in gameplay and in story. Transitioning from the already-in-the-future motif and into the development of how cybernetics and human enhancement affect the world at large, as well as individuals, futurists will no doubt enjoy the themes portrayed.

The actual story is not entirely clear but, with settings like Detroit and Shanghai, Adam Jensen will be a very busy man as he attempts to learn more about the enemy threat.

Who do you think the antagonists will be in Human Revolution? What are you looking forward to most about the game?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution makes the change sometime in 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and PC.

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