Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the prequel to the original Deus Ex will be releasing in three more months and some more screenshots depicting the game in action have been made available by Eidos and Square-Enix.

With a campaign running into the 20+ hour mark, freedom of choice will be a large contributing factor to¬†Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s length. It could be inferred that someone who opts to take a stealth approach over a complete combat approach might take a little longer to beat the game and examples of the varying gameplay styles can be found in the latest gameplay trailer.

These new screenshots showcase various aspects of the game, from protagonist Adam Jensen’s seemingly signature arm sword implants, antagonists he will be up against, and some of the Sarif Industry environments. Blabbering will stop now for gallery to begin:

One of the things that’s present in the screens and was evident in some of the other trailers for Deus Ex was condition checking weapons, not something often seen in shooters. Small touches like that show the kind of attention to detail the development team is implementing to ensure the game has that extra bit of awesome in every aspect.

Also prevalent in many of the images is Deus Ex‘s black and gold color scheme which reflects the cyberpunk renaissance themes and aesthetic of the game.

Unfortunately, aside from the freedom of choice gameplay that has been showcased and talked about, the actual RPG elements have yet to be touched upon. With E3 happening next month, those aspects will no doubt be revealed. Augmentation is going to be a large part of the game for combat capabilities, but how will they affect NPC interaction? Completing a play-through using only speech skills as was possible in the original would be both fun and challenging.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be releasing August 23, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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