Late last month Square Enix and Eidos Montreal released Deus Ex: Human Revolution to much celebration and widespread critical acclaim. Hot on the heels of the game’s release on August 23rd, viral games were made available which, when deciphered, were quickly followed by an offcial announcement that a DLC titled ‘The Missing Link’ was en route.

So what is ‘The Missing Link’ exactly? Well some information has already been covered, but a new trailer for the DLC has appeared, introduced by Mary DeMarie (lead narrative designer for Human Revolution) – and shows some of the gameplay that players can expect.

If you’re one of the people just joining this story, ‘The Missing Link’ DLC chronicles what happens to Adam Jensen during a three day period within Human Revolution – when he goes missing. As it turns out, Jensen is on a Belltower Associates cargo ship headed to Singapore where he is beaten, interrogated, and has his augmentations disabled.

It then falls to the player to escape the situation and recover Jensen’s equipment, as well as discover what happens during the missing three day period – to bridge the gap in the story.

Check out new screenshots from “The Missing Link” DLC below:

In addition, a new trailer explains that the DLC will start players off with no augmentations and no weapons – placing a heavy emphasis on stealth gameplay in order to survive until the equipment is recovered. DeMarie mentions that different augmentation loadouts will leave different options open, such as an emphasis on hacking in order to bypass laser grids or the strength augmentation to move heavy objects. Of course, DeMarie is quick to point out that, as always, Deus Ex will reward players for lateral thinking. The DLC will be no different – as the trailer cites the example of using a trolley to move about the ship in order to avoid a direct confrontation with guards patrolling the deck.

Check out the Deus Ex: Human Revolution “The Missing Link” DLC trailer embedded below:


Of particular note, DeMarie makes mention of certain engine improvements that have been made to the game. These improvements allow for better weather effects and lighting while moving around on the ship. There is no word yet on whether these improvements to the engine will be exclusive to the DLC or if a patch to improve the core game is also incoming.

Lastly, the very end of the trailer seems to hint that there will be some narrative-relevant decisions that will come to pass within “The Missing Link.” What those decisions will be or how those choices impact the larger story is anyone’s guess. Let’s just hope there aren’t any outsourced boss battles to speak of within the DLC’s five hour experience.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and OnLive. “The Missing Link” DLC will arrive in October 2011.