Deus Ex Human Revolution Conspiracy Trailer and Gamestop Giveaway

Weeks are just peeling away until Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases – and Eidos Montreal saw fit to release a new trailer, detailing the actual conspiracy-oriented nature of the game’s story. What? You didn’t think it was just about Adam Jensen stabbing people with arm swords and using elbow grenades, did you? True, he will be using those tools, but only to stop a growing conspiracy.

In addition, GameStop is holding their own Deus Ex: Human Revolution giveaway offering $20,000 of various living room “augmentations” should you pre-order the game from them. In other words, that’s a new TV and speaker system, among other things.

The ad wizards for Deus Ex: Human Revolution have done a pretty steady job of exposing the public to elements of the game. Just enough to keep them interested, but not enough to wear out their welcome. As one of the bigger summer launches this year, Eidos Montreal is working hard on making Deus Ex memorable and detailed, especially in this latest developer diary – talking about building the game’s world.

If the actual product wasn’t enough to really entice you into buying it, GameStop’s audio-visual “augmentation”giveaway is also enticing. Unfortunately, none of those augmentations are described, but who doesn’t like an electronic home makeover? There are two methods of entry: Pre-order the game with a PowerUp Rewards card from a participating GameStop location or, get this, enter with a postcard. Yes, postcard entries can still be used to net you luxurious items. Send your name, address, e-mail, and phone number to:

The Marketing Arm Inc. Attention: “Deus Ex: Augment Your Room Sweepstakes”, #140, 233 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452.”

Just before you run out to your local GameStop, check out the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer. Conspiracy just isn’t the same without faceless voices, a scheme that takes advantage of innocent lives, an unexpected source, and explosions. Take a look:

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With a campaign lasting around 25 hours, Adam’s going to be in for a bit of investigative work, but when you’re driven by revenge, a man can do anything. Especially if he’s cybernetically outfitted with the latest in military human augmentation. The summer time is notably lull in game releases but Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks to be filling that void with cyberpunk speculative fiction, and it looks great.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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