Eidos Montreal Teases Next 'Deus Ex' Game, Releases First Concept Art

Deus Ex Sequel Next Gen

Although gamers were decidedly reserved when Deus Ex: Human Revolution was first announced, after getting their hands on the game many came around. In fact, Deus Ex: HR was so widely celebrated that a Director's Cut of the game is slated to hit on October 22nd.

However, today's Deus Ex news isn't about the franchise's past at Eidos Montreal but its future. And as Studio Head David Anfossi explains, the future includes a wide variety of interconnected experiences.

Dubbed the Deus Ex Universe, Eidos Montreal is looking to take the stories and ideas introduced in Human Revolution, and the iOS game, and expand them across everything from PC and console games to books, graphic novels, and movies. The Deux Ex Universe, like the Assassin's Creed universe for example, will become deeper and more involved than just one game can offer.

Of course, Deus Ex is still a video game franchise first and foremost; so don't expect Eidos Montreal to skimp out there. Their next project, which is in development for the PC and next-gen consoles, is still a ways from release, but Eidos was gracious enough to release a piece of concept are for the game. No title, though.

Deus Ex Universe Concept Art Full

The image features an example of "trans-humanism segregation," a major theme in this next Deus Ex game. As Human Revolution scratched the surface with regards to questions of what it means to be human, and where humans with cybernetic augmentations fit, this next game will further explore those ideas.

Before moving forward, though, Eidos Montreal is focused on getting gamers excited for Deus Ex: Human Revolution — Director's Cut, which we now know will launch on October 22nd for the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Along with improved visuals, AI, graphics, and boss battles (yes!), the Director's Cut will also include a new second screen experience through the Wii U Gamepad, the PS Vita, or a smartphone. If you've yet to check out Human Revolution we highly recommend it. Many of us are excited for the future of Deus Ex, and Human Revolution is one of the main reasons for that anticipation.

Are you ready for the future of the Deus Ex Universe? Where would you like to see the story go from here?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution — Director's Cut is out October 22, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.


Source: Eidos Montreal

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