There hasn’t been much new with the Deus Ex series following the release of Human Revolution in 2011, but it’s been widely believed for quite some time that Square Enix began development on a sequel to the acclaimed steal-action, RPG-based first-person shooter shortly after it launched the latest iteration. Now some brand new domains pertaining to the license have been registered, giving fans a sign that the franchise’s imminent return may be just around the corner.

Originally spotted by superannuation on Twitter, domains for something known as Deus Ex: The Fall have been registered by the series’ publisher, Square Enix. These web addresses weren’t just comprised of the ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ variety either, making it obvious that Square has big plans for the project — successfully securing a bulk of Deus Ex: The Fall domains in one fell swoop.,,,, and were all registered by the software giant.

An interesting thing to point out, albeit likely a coincidence, is that this game’s rumored subtitle, ‘The Fall’, was actually an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This doesn’t appear to link Deus Ex: The Fall‘s story content to its predecessor though, so don’t expect the character Diamond Chang to be back from the dead if this alleged game ever makes its debut.

If Square Enix is hard at work on a new Deus Ex, then it’s entirely possible — if not inevitable — that it’ll make the jump to next-gen platforms. With the PlayStation 4 officially announced and the Xbox 720 rumored to be unveiled in April, it’s likely that this project’s development has already been shifted onto the new platforms. That said, there may very well be plans to bring a new installment of the Deus Ex franchise to current-gen consoles, as well as an inevitable PC version, provided the The Fall isn’t a project still very young in its development cycle.

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