Square Enix teams up with renowned prosthetics creator Open Bionic to create a real world, functioning version of the prosthetic hand Adam Jensen uses in Deus Ex.

The world of Deus Ex is still several decades off, but that’s not stopping the game’s publishers and creator from making one aspect of it a reality. Publisher Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal are teaming up with a well-known prosthetics company to bring Adam Jensen’s hand to the real world.

Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, and prosthetics developer Open Bionics have released a promotional video showcasing their progress on creating a real-life version of the cybernetic hand that Adam Jensen from Deus Ex uses. Their progress so far is impressive; while most current prosthetics aim to look as much like a real limb as possible, the team is working to make this one look purposefully futuristic. While they still have a lot of work left to do, the team has actually created a functioning prototype that can be seen in action in the video, worn by a man who only has one arm.

Perhaps most excitingly, Open Bionics plans to make the bionic hand open source, meaning that anyone with a 3D printer will be able to download the schematics and create a Deus Ex augmentation for themselves. Skilled modelers and programmers will even be allowed to modify the hand further to their liking. In addition, Open Bionics is working with Razer to create a finger-mapping system that will allow those with all their limbs to still operate the hand remotely.

This partnership is a fascinating one, as most probably wouldn’t have suspected that Square Enix and Eidos Montreal would be interested in making something based on one of their games that could potentially help amputees. While gamers have been able to print their own Fallout 4 Pip-Boys with 3D printers, and avid Guardians have created 3D-printed guns from Destiny, a functioning version of Adam Jensen’s prosthetic hand really takes gaming-related 3D printing to the next level.

It remains unclear if Square Enix and Eidos were at all inspired by Konami in this venture. Konami recently made the news with an announcement that they were actively developing a functioning version of Solid Snake’s mechanical arm from Metal Gear Solid V for a double-amputee gamer. While it was a touching and remarkable thing for Konami to do, knowing that the Adam Jensen hand will be widely available to anyone who wants or needs one is extremely impressive.

For now, all the teams involved are dedicated to making it look as good as the in-game hand as well as having a high level of function. Once it’s completed, it’s sure to make waves in the gaming community, particularly for those gamers who have missing limbs.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will release on August 23, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube