There are many mysterious locations and locked areas in the world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Here are the passwords that will get you to the secrets hidden within.

Since its release last week, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has faired pretty well among gamers. While it’s not without minor issues, the game has been able to avoid the same type of negativity that’s surrounded No Man’s Sky in recent weeks.

As players have been making their way through the strong sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, they’ve undoubtedly discovered the many locked doors, computers, and safes just waiting to be opened and hacked. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is littered with them, though some aren’t easily opened.

Fortunately, the below list provides the necessary passwords to help player bypass the locks and find the goodies contained within. While the below list of codes isn’t exhaustive, it should be enough to keep players busy searching for and unlocking many of the secrets Deus Ex: Mankind Divided holds.

deus ex mankind divided floorboard secret

The various safes, locked rooms, and other hidden compartments around Deus Ex: Mankind Divided contain many rewards players will want to get their hands on. As expected, players can find weapons, consumables, ammo, and other items to aid them on their way. Many of the locked areas are hidden from view, with something blocking them or keeping players from easily reaching them. In order to find the best safes and locked areas, Mankind Divided players will need to slow down their gameplay and spend some time exploring the various locations they visit.

A big tip is to scour any living or working spaces players find themselves in. There are dozens of laptops, safes, and other secret areas in the game, so chances are high that players will find some by searching. In many instances, passwords and codes can be found in the same or nearby area, or on a person the player has to knock out or kill.

Those who are just starting the game can get some practice with searching out hidden areas in Jensen’s own apartment and throughout the first area players explore. Over time, players will get better at finding the hidden locations and obtaining their rewards. For those who would like a little help finding and unlocking the secret caches and information in Mankind Divided, be sure to check out the below list.

deus ex mankind divided secret safe

Here is the list of locations, locked area, and passwords that players can find in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:

Location Locked Area Password
Dubai Second Floor Storage Area 4801
Dubai Penthouse 0682
Zelen Apartment #22 Door to Atrium on First Floor 0310
Zelen Apartment #41 Josef Servern’s Computer thevoidwhichbinds
Zelen Apartment #23 Hidden safe behind fridge (Movable only with Augmentation) 9002
Zelen Apartment #23 Teresa Petrauskas’ Computer krodine
Capek Fountain Station Ticket Booth Door Keypad 3998
Konicky & Hracky Toys factory Security Hub 1980
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory Safe inside Mini Storage 2489
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory Locker 1998
Svobody Beer Pub Basement Door (Can also be earned via Owner’s Side Mission) 1015
Tourist Information Center Tourist Information Center Door 1591
Palisade Sewer Fourth Floor Casino Safe 4863
Palisade Sewer Fourth Floor Casino Security Hub otarminator
DaiTaga Basement 5622
Tech Noir Storage 2469
North Prague Vadim Orlov’s Safe 3608
TaskForce 29 Storage Locker 6354
TaskForce 29 Safe near Shooting Range 2023
TaskForce 29 Door to IT Support Area 5545
TaskForce 29 Computer in Server Room Clod04sfd8s
TaskForce 29 Ethan’s Computer FrakkingUpTheA
TaskForce 29 Aria Argento’s Computer tuscany2023
TaskForce 29 Dr. Jennifer Phillips’ Computer neuropozyne
TaskForce 29 Peter Chang’s Computer Aphasia5689
TaskForce 29 Infirmary Storage Room Safe 4822
TaskForce 29 Vincent Black’s Computer Origami1970
TaskForce 29 Duncan Macready’s Computer Sharp007
Ruzicka Station Door to Maintenance Room 0808
Ruzicka Station Security Room 8066
Ruzicka Station Security Room Computer DELLAROCCA
Ruzicka Station Ticket Booth Terminal ANTARES
The Utulek Complex Dr. Martine Onzime’s Safe on Fourth Floor 9990
The Utulek Complex Police Barracks on Third Floor 2223
The Utulek Complex Medical Area on Third Floor 6123
The Throat Laser Terminal 3354
ARC Living Quarters Security Gate 3468
ARC Living Quarters Computer in Room 350420 Vm451
ARC Operations Mini-Storage on Second Floor 2544
ARC Operations Kvido Barkus’ Computer on Second Floor ou812
ARC Operations Marek’s Computer on Second Floor pozy45
ARC Operations Viktor Marchenko’s Computer on Second Floor strmsrg
Ty Zahrada Security Terminal on Fifth Floor raptor
Pilgrim Station Employee Only Area 9143
Time Machine Door to Koller’s Storage 1984
Samizdat’s Office Door to Office 5431
Cybercrimes Office Selina Carter’s Laptop 7734
Lekarna Pharmacy Nicholas Cipra’s Computer owningthedevil
Palisade Bank Executive Services Room 9593
Palisade Bank Executive Vault Room A08 1305
Palisade Bank Account Management on Eigth Floor 0863
Palisade Bank Executive A09 Safe on Seventh Floor 2357
Palisade Bank Account Manager Office 0831
Palisade Bank Safe in Secret Room of Vault A 1114
Palisade Bank Security Room Computer on Third Floor clemenza
Palisade Bank Safe in Vault B 1110
Palisade Bank Security Room Computer on Seventh Floor aklvd6681
Palisade Bank Executive Services Room Safe (Revealed by pressing button under desk.) 6477
Palisade Bank Maintenance Room on Third Floor 6745
Palisade Bank IT Services Door on Ninth Floor 1969
Palisade Bank Safe in Room B, Row 1 6641
Palisade Bank CEO’s Office 0211
Palisade Bank VIP Vault in Room B, Row 6 1996
Palisade Bank Prybil Family VIP Safe 0310
Palisade Bank John Miller’s Safe 1363
Palisade Station Locked Room on Third Floor 0666
Tubehouse Locked Door in Electronic’s Store 0310
Palisade Station Mini-Storage 2565
Kopecky’s Puppet Shop Locked Workshop 4465
LIMB Clinic Locked Door 4464
Helipad near Limb Clinic Front Door 4465
London Apex Center VIP Room on Second Floor 2202
Allison Complex Door to Fourth Floor 0011
London Apex Centre Security Overrise in Liam Slater’s Office 5395
Neon Nights Side Mission Locked Gate in sewers near Capek Station 0311
The Golden Ticket Side Mission Back Room of Registration Building 6788
Fade to Black Side Mission Vlasta’s Storage Locker 2565
Hlavni 33 Apartment 201 6864
Hlavni 33 Left Storage Locker on First Floor 2913
Hlavni 33 Right Storage Locker on First Floor 4227
All in the Family Side Mission Safehouse 0666


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot