“Purity First.” One of the fundamental concepts behind the heavily anticipated title from Square Enix and Edios Montreal has been hinted at in prior videos, but never fully explained. Yet to really understand what’s at stake in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is to look at not only the fancy combat skills, but also the minds of the men and women living in the world.

The latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution viral video depicts the rising feelings between people who have been augmented, and those who have not. While there are many that feel that getting a new pair of eyes or legs is the next step in human evolution, the truth is that people are being more controlled and contained than ever. Having to rely on addictive drugs, worry over Big Brother watching, and even possible experimentation… it’s anything goes.

The video sets a grim and grisly tone for Human Revolution, as players will have to decide on a moral level how to come at many of the game’s choices: defending their values and opinions, while also getting to the bottom of the game’s story. There will be several different ways that the game will go, and that will be all the reason to test the waters.

Of course… if you’re so inclined to forgo humanity and take a little bit of extra cash to get your own set of augmentations, there’s always  GameStop’s $20,000 giveaway. Perfect for the gamer that wants to step up and get himself his own set bionic arms or legs and really get into the mode of the gameplay.

So tell us what you think of the video, Ranters: is it doing its job to get your excited for the game’s release, or rather giving you a few pangs of remorse for those that were taken away for experimentation? Give us your thoughts and opinions!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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