'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' The Missing Link Launch Trailer

Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link Launch Trailer

"The Missing Link" is the first DLC pack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it released today, allowing purchasers to discover what happened to Adam Jensen during a 3-day disappearance midway through the campaign. The DLC is available for Xbox 360 at 1200 MS, PlayStation 3, PC, and OnLive for $14.99. "The Missing Link" adds more gameplay, more story, new characters, and perhaps most promising, the ability to re-spec Adam's augmentations.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been very much a success for Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, rejuvenating a franchise that has not seen action since the early Xbox 1 days. Our review gave it much praise in the areas it succeeded in and it will certainly be worth the time of anyone who chooses to investigate it. One of the glaring problems with the game, the out-of-place boss battles, will be resolved in the DLC.

To help remind fans of Human Revolution of the DLC, a launch trailer has been released that adds more detail of what to expect when you play "The Missing Link". So far, it looks highly promising.


Jensen is trapped on a cargo ship and the gameplay trailers hint at the subsequent journey he makes through a secret Belltower Security facility. Should the DLC be fruitful for Eidos Montreal, can we expect to see more DLC featuring locations that were scrapped from the final product?

Here's hoping Eidos Montreal will continue to support Deus Ex: Human Revolution, at least for a little while longer. Publisher Square Enix is keen on making sure there will be more Deus Ex in the future and there are more than enough fans out there looking forward to the next entry into the Deus Ex universe, whatever it might be.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's The Missing Link is available now for Xbox 360 (1200 MS), PlayStation 3, PC, and OnLive ($14.99)


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