'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' Gameplay Trailer

Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay Trailer

Details just can't come fast enough when it comes to the upcoming Eidos Montreal title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. From the time the first details were released on how the game's story would be shaped, and actual footage shown at E3, fans of the series have been salivating to see more of the game in action. The look and feel of the game seem to have a personality all their own, but now it's possible to get an even better idea of how the game will play with the newly-released gameplay trailer.

The original Deus Ex set the bar high, still being seen as one of the most unique and customizable RPG's the PC has known, certainly where cyberpunk is concerned. Since many of the trademarks of the original game, like the emphasis on player choice have become far more common when it comes to role-playing games, the developers of Human Revolution may feel like they have to run just to stay in the same place.

Previous trailers released by Square Enix have given a glimpse at how the combat will stand apart from other titles, but for those who have been waiting to see even more of the game through Adam Jensen's eyes, now is your chance. We passed Eidos's teaser image onto you days ago, but the wait is finally over:


It has to be said, one of the things that always stands out in glimpses of Human Revolution is the color scheme. We've heard the reason for the black and gold from the art director himself, and the impact it has in creating a distinct look and tone can't be understated. With the very first look at the game it was obvious that this game was placing emphasis on mood and style, and the gallery of images only confirmed it. So whether the combat works or not, players are sure to see a good-looking game at the very least.

The trailer gives a good look at the various load-outs, weapons, and environments that players will be growing familiar with, but there is so much going on in the video that it may run the risk of confusing some gamers even more. It is clear that the gameplay will certainly be distinct if not altogether refreshing, but even from this brief glimpse, Human Revolution will be a game that has to be played to truly be understood.

Hopefully more in-depth details will be arriving soon, since the wait to find out if Deus Ex can still hold its own in today's gaming world is getting shorter by the day. The franchise is clearly in capable hands, and if videos like these are a sign of what's to come, then 2011 may be shaping up to be a very good year.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released March 8, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and OnLive.

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