The cyberpunk, renaissance game Deus Ex: Human Revolution is edging ever closer to release, and what better way to get even more excited for it than ingesting some accidental spoilers released by the Electronic Software Rating Board?

It is very important to know that if you’d like to approach Deus Ex: Human Revolution with a fresh and untainted perspective, it’s best to avoid reading this post, because the ESRB has let more than a few details regarding the content of some portions of the game out of the bag. If spoilers don’t bother you and only serve to motivate your desire to play the game, then read away.

Square Enix has been doing a good job of releasing some intriguing cinematic and gameplay trailers, with the latest dealing with the protagonist’s personal motives. So what kind of antics can you expect protagonist Adam Jensen to be getting up to as he finds himself engrossed in a conspiracy that will take gamers on a 25 hour long ride?

It should be noted that Human Revolution will be rated M for mature due to the inclusion of “Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol.”

Everything a romp around the future might be comprised of, but the ESRB also gave a few small looks at some key decisions players will be able to make in their campaign:

“Players can sometimes make choices that result in the death of innocent characters: during one sequence, an injured man asks to be “put out of his misery”-the main character can then administer a morphine overdose.

“Civilians can also be killed directly, though this may negatively affect players’ progress. As the game progresses, alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, vodka, cocktails) can be purchased and consumed to reduce damage, resulting in a screen-blurring effect. In one mission, players can plant “illegal drugs” in a character’s residence; marijuana products (i.e., “cigaweed”) are occasionally referenced in the dialogue.

“Some missions contain sexual material: a brothel room containing a sex toy on the bed; dialogue with prostitutes (e.g., “They want me to get augmentations . . . for the customer’s pleasure. It’s sick” and “[W]e can find a quiet spot . . . Do you have enough money for me, sexy?”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” can be heard in the dialogue.”

That covers all of the bases where sexual themes and drug references are concerned, so the newest Deus Ex will be earning its M rating. The consumption of alcohol to reduce damage isn’t a brand new concept in gaming, especially with the recent release of Duke Nukem Forever. However, the choice of performing a mercy killing on a NPC is a lot more weighty than the choice of buying a drink.

Deus Ex will also be dealing with human augmentation outside of the combat aspects, apparently even affecting the oldest profession in the world.

Hopefully, the spoilers didn’t feel too jarring for everyone to read, but they do give a very clear look into the kinds of decisions Adam Jensen will be having to deal with during his investigation. Human Revolution looks like it will be doing its best to speculate on many facets of futurism and the benefits and consequences, and speaking for ourselves, we can hardly wait.

What do you think of the types of choices being presented in Human Revolution? Given the series’ emphasis on diverging gameplay methods, how much do you think one of these decisions could change a game experience?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases on August 23, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and OnLive.

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Source: ESRB