While playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the long awaited prequel from Eidos Interactive, I wondered how many people would attempt to cosplay the game’s protagonist Adam Jensen or dress up as him for Halloween, with his cool partial-leather trench coast and sleek optic implants which look as if they’re from a Matrix film. If you haven’t already started on your costume, or you’re just looking for some high quality, cool clothing based on the game, you’re in luck.

Today, musterbrand unveiled their official Deus Ex: Human Revolution clothing line, and while it doesn’t actually feature replicas of the clothing Jensen wears, it does off high quality, contemporary attire that fits with the DX:HR brand.

It was back in April when Game Rant reported about the gaming industry’s pushing into the world of fashion, with Sony, Square Enix and Konami all partnering with musterbrand to launch clothing lines for Gran Turismo 5Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Metal Gear: Peace Walker, respectively, and as of tomorrow, the Deus Ex line will be available to purchase online.

Musterbrand sent us images earlier today of some of the Human Revolution items so check them out in the gallery below:

The long coat is labelled as the Adam Jensen coat but it is noticeably different than what he actually wears in the game. Still, it’s a good looking jacket that’s inspired by the character’s style.

The standout item in the DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is Adam Jensen’s coat–a futuristic interpretation of a trench coat. This slick trench, adorned with signature vented holes, and structured sleeves, is inspired by DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION’s cyber-renaissance art direction. Just remember that you’re not actually augmented before leaving on your adventures.

Adam Jensen Deus Ex Costume

Knut Jochen Bergel, CEO of musterbrand speaks of the style and quality of the Deus Ex clothing line:

“Standard logoed T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats are the norm. Musterbrand’s clothing lines are designed by top stylists, woven from the highest quality material, and cut so sharply they should come with a warning. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is already drawing praise for its unique design and playability — we’re aiming to replicate the game’s popularity with our clothing line too.”

The clothing line launches alongside the game tomorrow so look forward to our review as we’re already deep into it. To order your Deus Ex: Human Revolution clothing, head to the official store here (U.S. and Europe). And if you’re questioning the ethics of augmenting humans, check out this Purity First trailer to see the state of the world come 2027.

On the lighter side of things, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has also launched digital items that can be used in-game for Team Fortress 2. These include several guns (sniper rifle, revolver, The Widowmaker no-reload shotgun and the ‘Short Circuit’ arm agumentation which fires an electric field) and cosmetic items (a hat, nano helmet and Jensen’s ‘Specs’). Check out the Manno-Technology Bundle here.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23, 2011, for OnLive, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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