Despite a few successes peppered over the course of several decades, the general consensus is that video game movies are not only a risky proposition for studios, but most of them are lacking in quality. However, we might be in the midst of a changing of the guard, so to speak, as game developers take a more hands-on role in video game movie development (a la Marvel Comics).

To that point, a panel was held at Comic-Con 2013 to talk about what could soon become “the Golden Age of video game movies,” as several projects with above average profiles are slated for the next few years.

On hand for the panel were Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenwriter C. Robert Cargill, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li writer Justin Marks, Blur Studio’s Tim Miller, Producer Adrian Askarieh, EA Entertainment VP Patrick O’Brien, and Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Kevin Tancharoen — a group that is well equipped to talk about video game movies past, present, and future.

While the panel didn’t feature anything too revelatory, besides an update on Cargill’s approach to adapting Deus Ex, it was an interesting look into the process of developing video game movies. Patrick O’Brien was perhaps the most candid about the process, and it makes sense considering he has two movies (Dead Space and Need for Speed) in active development.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Movie Update

To put it simply, O’Brien believes the best way to get a video game done is to get the film started at the publisher that owns the IP first, then try to shop it around to movie studios. That’s what EA did with Need for Speed and it’s what they are doing with Dead Space.

Speaking of Dead Space, Justin Marks, who at one point was working on the script for that adaptation, revealed that the movie explored the idea of losing Isaac Clarke as the protagonist. Thankfully, that idea was scrapped somewhere along the line, and now Isaac Clarke is back in the spotlight.

The rest of the panel was dedicated to off-hand movie development discussions without much in the way of concrete details. The only somewhat juicy tidbit we learned was in regards to the Shadow of the Colossus movie that is in development.

Shadow of the Colossus Movie Update

As Justin Marks explained, the Shadow of the Colossus film will pare the eponymous hulking creatures down to 3 or maybe even 1. While fans would likely want to see the game lifted whole cloth, seeing 16 consecutive colossi battles might have been exhausting.

Overall, the panel was focused on the potential of video game movies rather than showing any footage. However, if you are looking forward to either the Shadow of the Colossus or Dead Space movies, there are a few reasons to be excited.

And it’s important to mention that although they were invited, Ubisoft didn’t make the panel. So unfortunately, we don’t have any additional information about the Assassin’s Creed movie.

With so many in development, which of the many video game movies are you most looking forward to?

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