The 10 Worst Choices You Can Make In Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a PlayStation 4 game that involves making some serious choices. In this game, you alternate between three different androids who are living in Detroit and have very different roles in society. The chapters alternate between Markus, Kara, and Connor as they seek freedom.

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Throughout the course of the game, players have to make a lot of decisions. Players make choices about whether or not to do certain things and it can have a serious impact on the way the rest of the game plays out. If you make the wrong choices, it could spell disaster for the androids.

To see ten of the worst choices you can make in Detroit: Become Human, keep reading!

10 Listen To Todd

Fairly early in the game, Todd loses his temper on his daughter, Alice. If you hadn't been a perfectly obedient android before this, you likely would have seen Todd lose his temper a few times. If you stand in front of the TV or go into the laundry room, he yells at Kara. And if you get the key to Alice's treasure box, you see a drawing of just how bad his short fuse can be for her.

After dinner, when Alice runs up to her bedroom to hide, Kara is give the chance to become deviant. You can either stand right where Todd told you to stay, or you can ignore him and run upstairs to protect Alice. If, for some reason, you choose to listen to Todd, Kara will be destroyed.

9 Don't Buy Hank A Drink

Hank is a detective working on the case of the deviant androids that have been all over Detroit. He's assigned his own personal android, Connor, to be his assistant. Unfortunately for Hank, he's not a fan of androids and he doesn't initially trust or get along with Connor. But, throughout the game, there are things that Connor can do to begin to win over Hank's trust and help him to see that androids aren't so bad.

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When you first meet Hank, he's in a bar watching a basketball game and is resistant to Connor telling him that it's time to leave and go investigate a crime scene. The player is given a few choices, one of which is buying him another drink. If you choose any option but that one, it'll drag your relationship with Hank down immediately, something that can be disastrous for Connor in the future.

8 Probe The Deviant

Getting a confession from the deviant that Connor found at the crime scene is tempting. Yes, it's what Connor is supposed to be doing and yes, it's what the game expects that you'll do. The game shows you a bar of how stressed out the Deviant is and guides you to pushing that stress level up to the place where the deviant will confess to what he did.

But, it's possible to go too far with this. If the deviant refuses to confess, Connor has the option to probe his memory and get video evidence that the deviant was responsible for his owner's death. Unfortunately, if Connor does this, the deviant will steal a gun after the interrogation session, shooting both himself and Connor.

7 Leave The Employee Alive

The section of the game where you play as Markus trying to hijack the TV broadcast isn't easy. You have to go through a lot of steps in order to get the androids from Jericho up into the broadcast room so that Markus can deliver a message to the humans. When you're almost there, there will be an employee that runs out of the broadcast room. Markus has the option to either shoot the employee or let him go.

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Since you want humans to see you as kind and not dangerous, letting him go seems like the best option, right? Nope. If you choose not to shoot the employee fleeing the broadcast room, he will alert the security team, who will shoot Simon as you're escaping. Choosing to shoot the employee is the only way to ensure everyone from Jericho makes it out alive.

6 Don't Clean Up

After getting to Rose's house, you're faced with one of the most stressful parts of the game. Rose leaves you alone for a moment and there's a knock at the door. A police officer is stopping by just to check up on everything and make sure that there are no androids in the house.

It's important to make sure that Kara hides every bit of evidence. Otherwise, if you choose to leave the CyberLife shirt out in plain sight or not close the door to the laundry room, the police officer will realize that the house is full of androids and will shoot them.

5 Pick The Violent Route

A lot of the choices in the game are ones that have a pretty immediate impact on the rest of your game. While this choice is one that might not change your game right away, but you will regret it toward the end of the game. During the protest, Markus has the choice between being violent or peaceful.

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Although going totally violent and settings thing on fire might seem like fun, it's actually the worst option. While Markus can get some points toward the violent route through things like destroying the statue, you have to be sure to go mostly pacifistic. If not, humans will get a negative view on androids and when Kara tries to cross the border, she'll be taken to security.

4 Shoot Chloe

Chloe is the android on the menu screen during the first time that you play. When Connor and Hank go to Kamski's house, they're introduced to Chloe who is his personal assistant.

Kamski tells Connor that if he'll prove that he's not deviant by following a human's order to shoot Chloe, he'll tell them everything he knows about the deviant android problem. If you choose to listen to Kamski and shoot Chloe, Connor's software instability will drop, Hank will trust him less, and Kamski won't actually tell you anything.

3 Don't Play Dead

During the Battle for Detroit, there's a major choice that can change the way that the end of the game goes for Kara and Alice. When you're trying to leave, you'll be shot at by the soldiers. Kara and Alice will be laying in the snow and you'll have a few choices.

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One of the options is to just play dead until the soldier that walks up leaves. If you choose any other option, you're making a very bad decision, but the worst one is to surrender to the soldier. If Kara chooses to surrender and is captured, she's taken with Luther and Alice to a recycling center where they'll be disposed of.

2 Return The Tickets

Whether or not you should steal the tickets from the family trying to get on a bus out of Detroit may be a conflicting choice morally, but you shouldn't feel too bad about it. Choosing to leave the tickets behind or give them back when the couple starts searching is the worst choice to make in that situation.

Kara, Alice, and Luther need those tickets to get on the bus out of Detroit so that they can be safe on the other side of the Canadian border. If you don't take them, they'll try to take the boat instead and will end up freezing to death.

1 Sacrifice Self

This is not only the worst choice, but also the most heartbreaking one. At the end of the game, Kara can choose to sacrifice no one, herself, or one of the friends she made through this journey in order to get through the border safely.

One of the choices is to let Kara sacrifice herself, allowing Alice and Luther to go free. Although this is great for Alice and Luther, it's just so sad to see Kara tell them goodbye! Plus, as long as your revolution was peaceful, the three of them can make it through with no sacrifice.

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