Detroit: Become Human Has Triple the Story Paths of Heavy Rain

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[UPDATE: One of the main actors for Detroit: Become Human, Bryan Dechart, confirmed to Game Rant in a tweet, that the story branches are definitely "spectacularly more bending" than Heavy Rain. The original story continues below.]

Detroit: Become Human is the next game coming from narrative-driven game developer Quantic Dream. Previously, Quantic Dream was behind the film-like game Heavy Rain, and now Detroit: Become Human is gearing up to offer around three times as many branches in the story compared to Heavy Rain along with the ability for players to jump backwards and take different paths.

Writer and director David Cage says the game will be "spectacularly more bending" thanks to the increased number of story branches. With a 2000-page script and three main characters that have their own stories intertwined with the actions taken by one another, it's clear that the game will have a lot going on. In a game where each player decision can have impacts that drastically change the rest of the game, Cage wanted players to have the ability to fix what they'd done, rather than regret it for the rest of their playthrough. So, players are given the option to "go back at any time and replay from the beginning or a specific point in the story and see all the different branches."

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While the anticipated scope of this game has likely been the reason it was switched from an expected launch in 2017 to an unclear date in 2018, that same scope should make the game more worth the wait. Heavy Rain received high praise, with credit given to the depth of the story. If Detroit: Become Human really has around three times the story branches of Heavy Rain, it should win over story lovers with its depth and twists. Players knowing their choices in the game actually have some impact goes a long way to immersing them in the story --  something BioWare clearly forgot when coming up with Mass Effect 3's.

There appears to be a lot of promise in Detroit: Become Human's plot system. Quantic Dream delivered when it came to Heavy Rain, and everything seems to suggest Detroit: Become Human won't fall below the bar set by its predecessor.

There is, of course, the chance that the reality won't live up to the hype when the game actually launches. Plenty of recent games, notably No Man's Sky, have shown how what developers say before launch doesn't always line up with the game we all get. We will all just have to wait until next year to find out if Quantic Dream and David Cage deliver on Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human is set to release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: GamesRadar

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