Detroit: Become Human Trailer Reveals Release Window

Detroit Become Human release date window 2018

The excitement for PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human has been rising ever since Sony revealed a new gameplay trailer at E3 2017. Fans have been eager not just to see more of the game, but they also want to know precisely when it will be released.

During the PlayStation presentation at Paris Games Week, Sony presented a brand new Detroit: Become Human trailer that confirms the game's release window. After initially being penciled in for a 2018 launch, Sony now says that Quantic Dream's narrative title will be available in spring 2018. Unfortunately, the new trailer was not any more specific than that, meaning the game could launch anytime between March 20 and June 21.

What's positive, at least, is that this new trailer offered up some unique gameplay to help sate fans' appetites. The fresh footage focuses on an android named Kara as she has been hired by a man named Todd to look after his little girl, Alice. While Todd doesn't seem like a very attentive father and asks Kara to bathe Alice, help her with homework, and all of that "crap," it seems that he isn't just neglectful; he's outright murderous.

Kara finds drawings that suggest that Todd killed Alice's mother. When he discovers the android snooping around, he gets violent. Depending on the decisions that players make as the storyline progresses, Kara and Alice's life could be in danger or Todd could end up being the one who dies.

Quantic Dream had already confirmed that Detroit: Become Human has three times the story paths compared to Heavy Rain. This trailer only highlights that, as it shows viewers some of the possible threads that they can follow, making it clear that every little thing can have a huge impact on how that story plays out. It means that two different players could have vastly different experiences of the same game.

For players who love to revisit games and see what they missed out on, Detroit: Become Human will be the perfect title. But the game has 2,000 pages of script, and Quantic Dream will have to work hard to ensure it presents these concepts in a meaningful way. The developer has to ensure that the gameplay is engaging and that its story isn't just padded out by superfluous scenes. Hopefully, the developer will have time to work on that between now and spring of next year.

Detroit: Become Human releases in spring, 2018 exclusively on PS4.

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