It’s fair to say that Sony’s E3 2017 press conference was full of a number of huge announcements, with everything from the reveal of a remake of Shadow of the Colossus through to the exciting Spider-Man gameplay demo wowing those watching. One other trailer that caught the eye was the E3 2017 trailer for Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human, and as it turns out this atmospheric trailer actually was made up of playable footage.

This news comes courtesy of the official Quantic Dream Twitter account, which confirmed that the Detroit: Become Human trailer was made in-game. According to Quantic Dream, the trailer was entirely real-time, playable, in-game footage, courtesy of the PS4 Pro.

Given the stunning look of the trailer itself, this is certainly an impressive feat. After all, Detroit: Become Human still awaiting a release date, which has led many to wonder exactly how far along the development path the title is. Given that some trailers are put together on PCs with specs akin to the console they are meant to be running on, this certainly suggests that Quantic Dream’s work on the project is steadily progressing.

Of course, given the nature of Quantic Dream games, which are often compared to interactive narratives over the level of control video games sometimes allow, it does make sense that the title would be an impressive graphical spectacle. After all, fellow Quantic Dream stablemates Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls both pushed the capabilities of the PS3, no doubt helped in part due to the way in which gameplay works in Quantic Dream’s titles.

The trailer itself certainly gained a lot of interest, however. This latest Detroit: Become Human trailer revealed the final playable character of the game, an escaped android known as Markus. Once again, the trailer made it very clear that gamers will have to navigate a number of difficult moral and gameplay choices.

With a release date yet to be confirmed, fans of Quantic Dream’s work will no doubt be hoping that a launch date will be the next information that becomes available. For now, though, gamers will have to wait, and look over the trailers that have been released thus far.

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Detroit: Become Human is being developed as a PS4 and PS4 Pro exclusive. No official release date has been revealed.

Source: Quantic Dream