Following Detroit: Become Human‘s gorgeous E3 2017 trailer, many fans of the forthcoming title from the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream wondered whether or not the game would be releasing at some point later this year. Those who hoped for a 2017 launch for the title may be disappointed, as the neo-noir thriller’s director David Cage has officially confirmed that it will receive a 2018 release date.

This news was revealed during an interview held between Cage and GameSpot, with the Detroit: Become Human director explicitly saying “it’s going to be next year” when fans should expect the game to drop. Beyond his brief statement on the matter, Cage didn’t offer a release window for the game, much less an exact date as to when the title would actually hit the market as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Interestingly enough, the E3 2017 trailer for Detroit: Become Human wasn’t the only indicator for fans to expect the game to launch later this year, as a PS4 sizzle reel for exclusive games that came out several months ago teased its release during 2017. Later, it was confirmed by the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida that its inclusion in the trailer had been a mistake.

For those unaware, Detroit: Become Human was originally announced in October 2015 at a Sony press conference during Paris Games Week, with the game now having been in development for almost two years total. With this being the case, a 2018 release date doesn’t seem too unreasonable, especially when one considers the size and scope of the title, as the plot concerns three different playable characters and a cast containing hundreds of actors from Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

On top of the huge amount of people involved inĀ Detroit: Become Human‘s production, it took nearly two years for David Cage to finish the script for the game with the page count sitting at about 2,000 pages in its completed state. Taking all of this into consideration, a 2018 release date is totally understandable. Hopefully, though, Quantic Dream’s next title won’t incur any setbacks or postponements.

Detroit: Become Human is set to release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot