Detroit: Become Human is Quantic Dream's Next Game

Quantic Dream's designer David Cage announces Detroit: Become Human is the developer's next project, showcasing a trailer at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference.

Detroit: Become Human will be Quantic Dream's next project following its previous smash hit Heavy Rain and the controversial yet aesthetically beautiful Beyond: Two Souls. Cage announced today that Detroit will follow an android named Kara as she escapes the factory that produced her and begins to live a life she wasn't designed for. The game's trailer explores a dreary, futuristic Detroit blanketed in rain and follows Kara as she roams past humans and the androids who appear to be subservient to them.

If players think Kara looks a little familiar, they have every right to. Quantic Dream first introduced gamers to Kara way back in 2012 as part of a demo for the PlayStation 3 that wasn't even meant to be for a new game. Rather, Kara's initial purpose was to showcase Quantic Dream's new graphics and performance capture technology. Cage said that questions from fans regarding what happens to Kara after her initial appearance drove him to create the game.

The city of Detroit is no stranger to video games, using it as a soapbox to discuss the ways in which issues of transhumanism might manifest themselves in the future. Partially set in Detroit, Deus Ex: Human Revolution dealt with similar thematic concerns, primarily the divide between "pure" humans and people who have mechanical augmentations.


Although Detroit will be exploring familiar science-fiction territory, exactly where the new IP wants to go in that environment remains unclear. The trailer shown at the Paris Games Week press conference contained no actual gameplay footage and remained cryptic about how Detroit will follow the story of the androids, as promised by Kara herself at the end of the video. However, Beyond: Two Souls pushed Quantic Dream's penchant for narrative to new extremes, and by all accounts, it appears Detroit will be a game that looks to do the same.

While it will be interesting to see exactly what Cage and Quantic Dream have in store for the gaming world with Detroit, its trailer was largely just an introduction to the game's core concepts. All we know for sure right now is that the developer behind two games that raised gaming narrative to new heights is working on another that looks to do the same, and that's certainly enough to generate some industry buzz.

Detroit: Become Human currently has no release date and will be a PS4 exclusive.

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