The 10 Most Important Choices You’ll Make In Detroit: Become Human

In the world of Detroit: Become Human, your choices have very real consequences. As you play through the lives of Connor, Kara, and Marcus, you'll come to notice how their stories intertwine and overlap, and how your decisions affect multiple characters at a time. With every step you take your ending becomes more and more defined, and how each main character ends up will affect the way you finish the story. However, some choices will be absolutely vital over others that may not influence your run at all. We're here to let you know 10 of the most important decisions you'll need to take, but tread carefully, because there will be spoilers ahead.

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10 Kill Or Spare Todd

In Chapter 7 you play as Kara and Todd will finally lose his mind after taking substances. In his high, he becomes angry with Alice, who runs upstairs to hide from him. Todd has had enough and decides to punish Alice in his insanity, and commands Kara to wait downstairs. This is where you break through your programming and need to choose how to deal with Todd. You may have a gun at your disposal from a previous scene, but whether or not you use it on Todd is an important choice. If he dies, he dies for good. If he survives, he might be able to help you much later down your journey when you're trying to cross the border to Canada.

9 Prevent Carlo's Android From Dying

In Chapter 9, Connor is tasked with interrogating the android that killed Carlos and who was hiding in his owner's attic. It's important to keep his stress level high enough to get a confession out of him. What's even more vital, however, is what happens after his interrogation.

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When the guard comes to take him out, the android will show signs of distress and risk self-destruction. If you don't intervene, he will die and you'll miss an important clue. If you intervene three times despite Gavin's warnings, the android will whisper an essential clue to you before walking away to his cell.

8 Look At Photo Of Hank's Son

During the events of Chapter 18, Connor will arrive at Hank's house to see why he's not responding to calls or knocks to his door. He finds Hank passed out on the floor with a gun near him, which tells us that Hank is suicidal. After an interaction with him, we're given the opportunity to look around Hank's home to better get to know him. You have a few options to choose from, but the best one is to reach for the photo of Hank's son. This will unlock an interaction later which will reveal his name, and knowing his name in the final chapter might save Connor's life.

7 Free Zlatko's Creatures

Kara will find herself in a huge predicament in Chapter 17 when a man named Zlatko attempts to wipe her memory. After getting out of the machine, you have the option to let out a group of monstrous-looking android creatures that Zlatko has toyed with. While these beings might look scary, they will protect you from Zlatko in the final part of your escape, and if you end up at the Recall Center with Kara and Alice in the last chapter these creatures will also be there and can be used as a diversion to help you escape.

6 Take John With You

During Chapter 19, Marcus and his gang from Jericho will be hunting down some equipment for Jericho from a storage plant. You'll eventually meet John, a security guard android, and you have a few options on how to deal with him.

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You can have him join your cause or just leave him behind or kill him. If you let him join, he can save Marcus' life during the Freedom March by jumping in front of him in a police blockade. While he might seem insignificant, he'll play a greater part later on.

5 Take The Detonator From North

Chapter 30 is one where you'll play multiple different perspectives. When you control Marcus, North will offer you a detonator which can blow up a massive charge underneath the city and cause mass damage to its citizens. Depending on which ending you're going for, this detonator is crucial. Refusing it will prevent you from using it in the last chapter when Marcus and his gang is cornered by the police forces. On the other hand, using it will kill all humans in Detroit and allow for androids to win the battle. Choose carefully!

4 Shoot Or Spare Chloe

In chapter 27 we finally get to meet Chloe, the android in the main menu of the game. Connor heads out to meet Kamski, the creator of the androids, in hopes to find answers. However, Kamski's less than cooperative and tells Connor he'll only talk if he shoots Chloe. If you shoot her, Hank will despise you but you will get a hint concerning Jericho's whereabouts. If you don't shoot her, Hank will have a closer relationship with you, but you'll have to rely on the evidence you have to find Jericho.

3 Save Simon

Simon isn't a major character in the game, but what happens to him during chapter 23 and thereafter is pretty important. During the broadcast heist in chapter 23, it's important to either make sure that you manage to save Simon, or that you leave him behind.

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Later on, as Connor, you should not investigate the roof, since this will allow Simon to stay hidden and survive until his return to Jericho. Once back, he'll forgive Marcus and most importantly, if John isn't part of your crew, he'll be the one to help you during Freedom March when you stand your ground against the police forces.

2 Play Dead, Run, Or Surrender

Kara's storyline in chapter 30 is essential, as it will determine her final ending. When she's running from Jericho that's under attack, if Connor has managed to find the location, she has the option to try and run from soldiers, play dead or surrender. If you surrender here, you will be taken to the Recall Center, from which you can only escape with Alice if you manage to create a sufficient distraction. If you play dead, the soldiers will ignore you and you can eventually run away to reach one of the border-crossing endings for her. Running is the worst option here, and most dangerous.

1 Peaceful vs. Violent

Regardless of all other choices, the most important one you make will span across multiple chapters. Marcus, the leader of Jericho, will get to define the tone of the android movement. If you choose to lead a revolution, you will gain an edge in combat and can resolve everything with violence, but the public will despise you for it. If you choose the pacifist path, humans will sympathize with you and the president will eventually call off the military forces. The pacifist one is the harder path to take, because it will put Marcus in danger during the Freedom March and it will be harder to keep your friends alive.

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