Developer Quantic Dream’s latest trailer for Detroit: Become Human dropped at E3 2017 yesterday, highlighting the conflict between androids and humans. If the lead android seemed familiar to some, that’s because its likeness and voice is taken from Jesse Williams, one of the starring actors of long-running TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

The Hollywood star and Quantic Dream both officially revealed the actor’s involvement with Detroit: Become Human via Twitter, though some fans with a keen eye noticed the resemblance watching the trailer. Williams’ character is Markus, an android leading an uprising against the humans. Markus is the latest playable character to join the roster, with Connor and Kara already revealed in the line-up through prior trailers and previews.

Quantic Dream’s recent games are well-known for their hyper-photorealistic qualities, and Detroit: Become Human is no different. Prior iterations of the developer’s games have drawn upon the appearances, voices, and acting prowess of major actors, most notably with Ellen Page as the lead protagonist Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls. The mo-cap performances in Beyond: Two Souls helped to elevate the drama and emotion in the title, so gamers can most likely expect to see a similar level of excellence from Detroit: Become Human.

One thing that’s clear is that Detroit: Become Human will look brilliant not just in theory, but in action. Quantic Dream revealed that the most recent trailer for the game was indeed in-game real-time footage, not pre-rendered cutscenes or an engine test.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the game was originally announced back in 2015 and is based upon a tech demo for the PS3 in 2012, the game still does not have a release window. However, it’s clear that work is progressing on the game, and that the title has already been optimized to take full advantage of the superior power of the PS4 Pro. As a PlayStation exclusive, chances are Quantic Dream will have more information to share later this year when Sony’s own PlayStation Experience conference is held.

Detroit: Become Human is in development exclusively for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.