Detroit: Become Human Trailer Details the Android Revolution

detroit become human e3 2017 trailer

One of the most intriguing developments from Sony's E3 2016 presentation was the presence of Detroit: Become Human, the next game from Quantic Dream. The studio that made Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls made a huge impact with a purely cinematic trailer detailing a dystopian future where androids were treated as slaves, and many fans expected more news to emerge over the course of the year.

While that didn't happen, Detroit: Become Human had a major presence during Sony's E3 2017 presentation. The new trailer for the game details the new IP's story in much greater detail, revealing that players will take control of an android guerrilla revolutionary who seeks to free his people from the restraints that humanity has placed upon them. Fans can check out the over 5 minute trailer right here:

As with other Quantic Dream games, it appears that Detroit: Become Human will feature gameplay that is heavily based upon making choices. In the trailer, players are presented with the option to take a more violent, ostentatious approach to the android revolution or a pacifist approach. The trailer mostly details the former options in greater detail, likely because they simply present better, but given the developer behind the game it seems likely that choices will be much more nuanced than decisions between violent or peaceful actions.

Unfortunately, however, it appears fans will have to wait a while longer before discovering just when they'll be able to get their hands on Detroit: Become Human. The trailer from the Sony E3 2017 press conference failed to produce a release date for the hotly anticipated title, which likely indicates that the game still has a ways to go in development before it is released.

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Detroit: Become Human is being developed as a PS4 exclusive. No official release date has been revealed.

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