Details revealed on Ensemble's canceled Halo MMO

In a conversation with IncGamers ex-Ensemble Studios’ employee Dusty Monk revealed the details of Project Titan, the Halo-themed MMO that Ensemble had teamed up with Bungie to develop. Most notably, the project was expected to rack up a whopping $90 million in expenses. So, what happened?

Here’s what Dusty Monk had to say:

“There was a bit of a changing of the guard at Microsoft at this time. Microsoft, from its gaming division, was really changing directions. They were looking really hard at the Nintendo Wii and they were really excited by the numbers that the Wii was turning. This was about the time that Microsoft decided that its Xbox platform and XBLA really needed to go more in the direction of appealing to a more casual, broader audience.

“So part of this changing of the guard at Microsoft came along with the changing of the attitude to this very expensive, very long and very protacted (sic) $90 million USD project we were working on, which was Titan. To cut a long story short, Titan was closed down.”

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The casual gaming market singlehandedly took down a 90-million-dollar project, and a (potentially) good one at that.

Screenshot of project Titan in development. Header image: concept art from Ensemble Studios.

Screenshot of project Titan in action; Header image: concept art from Ensemble Studios.

Monk said the project was intended to be a “WoW killer”, or at the very least, “if it hadn’t been a WoW killer it certainly would’ve competed.”

Halo fans around the world are still weeping at the lost opportunity (or at least I am). Hey, at least we’ve got Halo Wars.

Source: IncGamers
Images © Ensemble Studios