Destroy All Humans! Remake Will Keep Original Voice Actors

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THQ Nordic recently announced a full-fledged Destroy All Humans! remake, to be developed by Black Forest Games. THQ Nordic announced the game with a cinematic trailer, but the trailer didn't actually let fans hear main character Crypto talk. This led to some worry that THQ Nordic may have recast the role of Crypto for the Destroy All Humans! remake, but anyone worried can rest assured that the same voice actors are in the game. In fact, the same audio from the original 2005 game is being used in the Destroy All Humans! remake.

Black Forest Games has confirmed that it is taking the audio from the original Destroy All Humans! and improving the quality of it for the new game. "It's the audio from the original game, with the same legendary delivery of lines from the original voice actors," the studio said to US Gamer in a statement.

This means that yes, Invader Zim and original Pox voice actor Richard Horvitz will still be heard in the Destroy All Humans! remake. It doesn't appear as though he is recording any new lines, which may be disappointing news to some fans.

destroy all humans keeps original voice actors

It's a bit odd that Horvitz or Crypto voice actor J. Grant Albrecht aren't recording new lines (as far as we know) for the Destroy All Humans! remake, especially since the game will reportedly have new content. For example, it will have a new Area 52 mission that was "lost" from the original game. This mission and the other new content will reportedly be enough to make the Destroy All Humans! remake much longer than the original game, though hands-on previews have suggested otherwise.

At this point, we don't have an entirely clear picture of Black Forest Games' vision for the Destroy All Humans! remake. Besides the new mission, we know that the game will have some quality of life improvements brought over from the sequel, and we also know that the game will have vastly improved visuals. Otherwise, much of it is still a mystery.

More on the Destroy All Humans! remake should come to light in the coming days, as the game will be featured at E3 2019.

Destroy All Humans! will launch in 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: USGamer

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