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Destroy All Humans! Coming to PS4 - Destroy All Humans! cover art

A remastered version of Destroy All Humans! briefly appears on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4, and is rumored to have its official launch soon.

While it hasn't been given an official announcement by the newly rebranded THQ Nordic or Sony, the writing is on the wall:  Destroy All Humans! is coming to PS4, and it may be as soon as next week's PlayStation Store update. Fast-acting gamers were already able to purchase it from the PlayStation Store when it was released on the service prematurely, and while the game has since been pulled, we learned a lot about what the PS4 re-release of the PS2 cult classic will entail.

For one, Destroy All Humans! on PS4 is not going to be a typical PS2 on PS4 game. Instead of simply having upscaled resolution and added trophy support, it appears as through Destroy All Humans! will be a remaster. The extent of the remaster remains to be seen, but fans should be able to expect somewhat improved visuals at the very least.

Since Destroy All Humans! is apparently a remaster of the PS2 original, it has a price to match. Whereas most PS2 games on PS4 sell for about $10, Destroy All Humans! will cost twice as much when it has its proper launch, retailing for $20. Asking that much for a remastered PS2 game seems risky, but THQ Nordic must feel as though there is enough value in the game to justify the price.

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We'll have to wait for an official announcement to learn more about what fans can expect from Destroy All Humans! on PS4, but for fans of the franchise, hopefully it has enough value to earn decent sales numbers. If Destroy All Humans! has strong sales on PS4, then there's a chance that THQ Nordic will consider bringing other games in the series to current-gen consoles as well.

In fact, a remastered version of Destroy All Humans! 2 may become a reality sooner rather than later. PEGI, the European game rating system, has already given it a rating for PS4, so it seems like it could already be prepped for a comeback. Perhaps if both Destroy All Humans! and its sequel perform well, a new Destroy All Humans! game could materialize, as THQ Nordic has previously teased on social media.

Whatever happens, it's clear that THQ Nordic is serious about bringing old THQ IP back into the limelight. Not only does it appear to be reviving the Destroy All Humans! brand for new-gen consoles, but it also has a new Darksiders remaster in the works, along with the new entries in established THQ franchises it has in development. THQ may have died in 2013, but through THQ Nordic and the revival of games like Destroy All Humans!, its legacy will live on.

Destroy All Humans! is available now for PS2 and Xbox, and is set to release for PS4 at some point in the near future.

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