Destroy All Humans Crypto-137 Edition is Expensive, Comes with Alien Backpack

destroy all humans crypto edition alien backpack

Although publisher THQ Nordic has been rather quiet about the remake of Destroy All Humans! since E3, the latest reveal more than makes up for that radio silence. It's come to light that the highly-anticipated remake will be receiving two special editions, namely the DNA Collector's edition and the Crypto-137 edition. The former is what most expect out of a special edition, coming with the price tag of $150, but the latter goes at extra step, running fans of the franchise $400.

Although that price tag is hefty, the Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 edition comes with a ton of cool items such as an alien backpack. This backpack is designed to look like Crypto is riding on the back of the wearer and looks to be of rather well-made quality. Other items included in this edition are the base game, all in-game skins for Crypto, a 23" Crypto figurine, a keychain, some lithographs, and eye-popping anti-stress toy.

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The Destroy All Humans! DNA Collector's Edition comes with much of the same, such as the base game, in-game skins, keychain, lithographs, and anti-stress toy. The 23" figure of Crypto is replaced with a smaller 9" figure of Crypto with a cow, and as expected, the alien backpack is ditched altogether. Because of the price difference, this is likelier to be the better-selling version, but there's no dying the appeal of that backpack.

Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition

destroy all humans crypto-137

Pre-order the Crypto-137 Special Edition here.

Destroy All Humans! DNA Collector's Edition

Pre-order the DNA Collector's Edition here.

Regardless of which edition Destroy All Humans! fans pick up, they will be coming to a familiar experience, as developer Black Forest Games has confirmed that it will keep all original Destroy All Humans! voice actors. That's not to say that all this remake does is follow the same beaten path, though.

It turns out that this remake of Destroy All Humans! will be longer than the original, complete with a new open-world component, challenges, new missions, and more. Sadly, those excited for the game still have some time to wait, as an official release date has yet to be revealed, but these new special editions may do much to keep the hype train moving.

Destroy All Humans! will launch in 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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