Destiny's Trials of Osiris Returns


As promised, Destiny's most competitive PvP event makes its return on September 30, two weeks after the launch of the game's fall expansion Rise of Iron.

Most Destiny players have finished all the story missions and quests in the Rise of Iron expansion, conquered the raid, and even cracked one of the most complex puzzles ever to gain the newest raid weapon. As many hardcore fans' attentions shift to the Crucible, Trials of Osiris will make its return this weekend.

Many fans were theorizing if there would be big changes coming to Trials of Osiris. Perhaps it will require fewer wins to go Flawless and get to the Lighthouse, or maybe the matchmaking system would go back to being connection based instead of matching teams based on the same number of wins. But Bungie confirmed today that no changes are in store: "The weekly competitive ritual is as you remember it."

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To play Trials of Osiris, players will again travel to the Reef to Brother Vance to receive a Trials Passage and bounties. While the playlist and how to get started haven't changed, what has changed is that there is new armor and weapons that fans can earn in the new Rise of Iron expansion.

The blue and yellow themed gear has a much more random drop system than Iron Banner. Players will still receive a piece of armor post-match on their fifth win and a weapon on their seventh win. Going Flawless and gaining access to the Lighthouse will again reward new out of the chest, including Adept weapons.

Spoilers! There are Adept versions of all the new weapons, which add Snapshot as an intrinsic perk. However, Guardians should remember that elemental primaries are no longer being added to Destiny. Adept versions also sport a black and yellow color scheme, instead of the blue and gold.

Also from the Lighthouse chest, players can get ornaments for their Trials armor. In fact, the chest is the only place these ornaments can be found.

The competition is sure to be fierce this weekend. Be sure to brush up on some tips from Destiny streamer TripleWRECK on how to be successful in Trials of Osiris.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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