Destiny: 10-Year-Old Solos Crota's End Raid on Hard Without Dying [April Fools!]

Destiny April Fools Joke

[Update: In case you didn't read the post and went right to commenting, this was our April Fools Joke. Lucy is a Golden Retriever]

When it comes to Destiny feats, it never ceases to amaze us how far players will go to squeeze a little extra juice out of Bungie’s game. From jumping the Hellmouth in a Sparrow to beating Atheon in less than a minute, players know how to challenge themselves in ways that the original game never could. But all of them are mere peons compared to Destiny die-hard Lucy.

Not only is Lucy one of the best Destiny players around, capable of hitting a 5:1 kill-to-death ratio in the Crucible and beating any raid on her first try, she has accomplished so much before even becoming a teenager. That’s right, Lucy is a 10-year-old Destiny prodigy who makes the average player look like a novice.

Lucy is also plenty equipped for every Destiny encounter, having amassed all of the best guns in the game. Icebreaker? She has it. Gjallarhorn? That too. Heck, she’s got two Vex Mythoclasts just lying around somewhere.

The obsession started early for Lucy, when she was just a “pup” or newbie to the game, but eventually Destiny became a regular routine. After that, it wasn’t long before Lucy was regularly running raids, tackling Nightfall Strikes, hitting up Xur in the middle of the night, and nabbing that last piece of raid gear for level 32.

Most impressive among all of that is the fact that Lucy is a regular Destiny speed runner and solo player. She’s hit plenty of personal bests, like beating Crota’s End in less than 15 minutes and soloing the entire Vault of Glass raid without dying. There truly is nothing Lucy can’t do when it comes to Destiny. She will certainly go down in the annals of Destiny history, so what better way to celebrate her success:

Golden Retriever
10-year-old Destiny player Lucy


Lucy is certainly a rare breed that saw a golden opportunity to do something incredible. While other 10-year-olds her age are typically found playing out in the yard, Lucy dedicates hardcore hours to retrieving all of Destiny’s rare loot. It’s almost as if being this good at Destiny is in her bones, and no doubt watching her play must be a real treat. Here’s to you Lucy!

What do you think of Lucy’s accomplishments? Do you know of any better Destiny players?

Source: Lucy's Blog

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