Destiny: More Details About Year 1 Rewards on Bungie Day

By | 1 year ago 

Whilst Destiny developer Bungie has been hard at work on the upcoming The Taken King expansion, there has been plenty of trouble within the game’s community. Fans were appalled at the DLC pack’s hefty $40 price tag, and Destiny’s creative director Luke Smith did little to calm players’ nerves when discussing the expansion’s value. All in all, the developer has been given a torrid time of it, particularly when the Collector’s Edition is being shipped for $80.

It’s not only the core elements of the upcoming Destiny expansion back that has seen raised eyebrows from gamers, either. Bungie also revealed that it would be signing a partnership with Red Bull to bring timed exclusive content to the game, with those who are not a fan of the energy drink having to wait until January 2016 for exclusivity to end. Aside from the ire of fans, Dying Light developer Techland also poked fun at the deal, stating that the zombie-based title was working in conjunction with good old H2O.

Now, however, Bungie is aiming to make amends for any recent gaffes that have befallen its multiplayer shooter. With Bungie Day fast approaching on 7 July, the developer is looking to reward Destiny players who have decided to stick with the title for an entire year. More details surrounding the prizes available have now been revealed, with home to a new update from the developer itself.

Destiny Hunter

The developer starts by waxing lyrical about the community, speaking about the “first signs of a Destiny community” appearing at this time approximately twelve months ago. Bungie continued to say more about the history of Bungie Day, which always takes place on the seventh day of the seventh month, explaining that the day acts as a “time to recognize an amazing group of people who assemble in games to become a community.” But just what will the developer have planned for recognition this year?

According to the post, the developer has something special up its sleeve. Although remaining cryptic, there are some clues still there. “We’ll have some celebrations of the awesome stuff you’ve done this past year,” states Deej, Bungie’s community manager, “along with some invitations for how you can express yourselves.” Most interestingly, Deej states that it will reveal plans to allow any player who has been through Destiny’s first year to “achieve permanent, exclusive legendary status.” Although stating that that players “own triumphs” are integral, no further details were added, only advising players to await more news on Tuesday.

There have already been some reveals made about the Bungie Day celebrations, however. The developer has stated that no details are planned to be announced for The Taken King expansion, but there may well be some news given about the planned VIP and Year 1 rewards. As of Tuesday, Destiny players will be sure to know plenty more about what Bungie has in store.