Bungie reveals that a number of fan-favorite Exotics and Legendary weapons in Destiny are making a comeback in the April Update at the new Year 2 power levels.

Destiny fans who have some favorite weapons from the first year of Destiny may be happy to hear that a number of the popular Exotics and Legendary weapons from Destiny‘s Year 1 will be updated to new Year 2 power levels. Once the April Update hits on April 12, players will be able to earn this updated gear.

During Bungie’s reveal stream today showing off the new armor and weapons coming in the April Update, the developer showed off a newly expanded Vault which contained some old favorite Legendary weapons.

This is a bit unique for Bungie to do, because (while the House of Wolves expansion offered a way to bring any old favorite Legendaries from the past up to the new level cap) the developer drew a hard line in the sand when The Taken King was released. In fact, the developer stated that, aside of refreshed Exotics, Year 1 weapons would be left behind.

Destiny Year 1 Weapons April Update

So it was a bit of a surprise when the reveal came today that some Legendary weapons would be making the jump. However, unlike what happened with House of Wolves, Bungie is very much controlling which new updated Legendaries get into the loot pool. Undoubtedly, Bungie doesn’t want to throw the doors wide open again and have every person running around with a max-Light Fatebringer again.

Bungie is revealing a number of the exotics coming with the April Update via the official Destiny Instagram. We will continue to update the list as more are posted.

As for the Legendary weapons, the ones that have been confirmed are:

  • Shadow Price auto rifle
  • Lord High Fixer hand cannon
  • Badger CCL scout rifle
  • The Devil You Know hand cannon
  • LDR-5001 sniper rifle
  • Y-09 Longbow Synthesis sniper rifle
  • The Comedian shotgun
  • The Swarm heavy machine gun
  • Zombie Apocalypse WF47 heavy machine gun

Both the Exotics and the Legendaries will only be obtainable from loot drops and by decrypting engrams. All of them will also have the ability to be Infused up to the new 335 Light level cap.

The April Update is free for anyone with The Taken King expansion, and will be released April 12.

Tell us which one of your favorite Exotics or Legendaries is returning to Destiny with the April Update in the comments below!

Source: Bungie