Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for Sept 6

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Bungie began this week's Destiny 2 reset by introducing the first community challenge, tasking players to complete a number of activities while on Mars. These include things like defeating Nokris and Xol over 100,000 times, eliminating the hive, and so forth. In the latest update, the community has already smashed a couple of the challenges and are well over halfway on the rest. With an exclusive emblem and additional Menagerie rewards on the line, the community is likely to finish this challenge a lot sooner than Bungie anticipated.

The weekly update also gave players some added information on more changes to come when the Shadowkeep expansion officially launches in October. These updates include topics like the Crucible, heavy ammo, subclass abilities, and gear. Specifically, which armor sets from the first two years of Destiny 2 will be making the jump to Armor 2.0. Year 1 Crucible and Vanguard armor is joined by the Black Armory armor, Gambit Prime gear, and more.

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In between grinding kills on Mars and chasing left over gear before Shadowkeep, the exotic merchant Xur has returned for another weekend in Destiny 2. As expected, he's brought a whole new inventory of exotic gear with him for a limited time only. Here's where players can find Xur, and check out what exotic gear is in his inventory, for the weekend of September 6, 2019.

Where is Xur?

This weekend, Xur can be found on Earth inside of the Winding Cove region of the European Dead Zone.

destiny 2 xur location oct 6

Fast travel to the Winding Cove zone and immediately head towards the back where the Fallen typically patrol. Climb the cliffs back here to find Xur standing on a ledge not too far from a crashed ship.

Class Armor

For those looking for newer exotics this weekend, Xur is going to be a disappointment. However, he has brought one item that hasn't been featured in a very long time, if ever. For those looking for a different gear piece however, can still purchase one Fated Engram each week which has a chance to unlock an exotic from the Forsaken expansion.

Here are Xur's three gear pieces for this weekend:

Sunbracers - Warlock gauntlets

Last seen in July, the Sunbracers are strictly for Dawnblade Warlocks. This exotic armor increases the duration of all solar grenades, while also granting unlimited solar grenade energy for a brief time after a solar melee kill is performed. The grenade cooldown time is cut way down following a solar melee kill, allowing the player to toss out nearly unlimited amounts of grenades until the effect wears off.

With the focus on grenades, this gear is great for clearing adds in modes like Reckoning, Gambit, Blind Well, and Escalation Protocol. Even though the perk roll is okay at best, this is still an item worth picking up for Dawnblade players.

Random Gear Rolls:

  • Mobility OR Resilience
  • Scout Rifle Loader, Fastball, Momentum Transfer
  • Sniper Rifle Scavenger OR Heavy Ammo Finder

Gemini Jester - Hunter leg armor

The Jesters are back on sale this weekend for Hunters. They remain a solid option thanks to the little buff to the duration of its effects in the Season of Opulence update. The intrinsic perk Misdirection causes nearby enemies to become disoriented and temporarily removes their radar after the Hunter dodges near them.

destiny 2 gemini jester

It remains a subclass neutral exotic and is really suited to players who enjoy the PvP aspects of the game. The range of its effect is bigger than expected and better yet, it can even impact enemies on the other side of a wall. However, this perk can also be a liability as it will trigger the Titan’s One-Eyed Mask perk Vengeance. The perk effect is also less noticeable in PvE modes, so buying this is largely dependent the user's play style.

Random Gear Rolls:

  • Mobility OR Resilience
  • Power Dexterity, Machine Gun Dexterity, Outreach
  • Primary Ammo Finder OR Special Ammo Finder

Lion Rampant - Titan leg armor

While not a new exotic, Titans are getting access to an item that isn't normally highlighted by Xur. Dubbed Rocket Boots by the community, the Lion Rampant boots are a platforming and mobility focused exotic, similar to the St0mp-EEZ for Hunters. Jump Jets is its intrinsic perk and it provides added maneuverability in the air and enables accurate hipfire while players are in the air during Lift. Basically, these boosts will help make Lift Titans jump for twice as long.

Unfortunately, these boots do not come with the prized platforming perk Traction. Still, these boots are great for more platforming based activities like Ascendant Challenges, Whisper of the Worm, and Outbreak Prime, to name a few. Outside of that, a players mileage will vary as they don't offer a significant boost to combat boost like other Titan exotics.

Random Gear Rolls:

  • Mobility OR Restorative
  • Bomber, Dynamo, Oversize Weapon Dexterity
  • Pulse Rifle Scavenger OR Scout Rifle Scavenger

Exotic Weapon

Just recently, the Lord of Wolves energy shotgun was at the center of a lot of controversy. It came about following a patch which intended to retune the weapon, though it actually caused a bug that let players essentially proc its special trait just by holding down the reload button. Things got so out of control that Bungie even granted players a special banner and triumph for those who participated in the Iron Banner during this chaotic time.

destiny 2 lord of wolves pvp buff

Even though the weapon has since been toned down and isn't quite as prized as it once was, some players would argue that it's still a viable in most activities. Its intrinsic perk is Shrapnel Launcher, which fires a powerful short-range burst of Solar energy. Release the Wolves, its second unique perk lets the user hold the reload button to change the damage output to a longer, more powerful burst. Without a doubt, this weapon will likely be a big seller this weekend, so players should expect to see plenty of these in the Crucible.

The perks for this weapon this weekend are:

  • Chambers Compensator
  • Extended Mag
  • Composite Stock

Here's the complete rundown of Xur's entire stock in Destiny 2 for September 6:

  • Sunbracers (Warlock gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester (Hunter leg armor) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant (Titan leg armor) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lord of Wolves (Energy Shotgun) - 29 Legendary Shards
  • Fated Engram - 97 Legendary Shards
  • Five of Swords Challenge Card

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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