Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for Oct 16-18

Destiny Xur Exotics Taken King

Destiny players, Xur has once again returned to the Tower and brought with him a selection of exotic goodies. For only the second time since the launch of Destiny: The Taken King, Xur has an exotic weapon on sale, but more exciting than that, he has one of the new Taken King weapons.

This week, players can find Xur in the Crucible area of the Tower, next to the Crucible Handler. Follow the stairs straight ahead after spawning into the Tower, pass by Eris Morn, and Xur should be on the left hand side.

For armor this week, the Agent of the Nine has a set of gauntlets for Titans and Hunters, and a new Year 2 helmet for Warlocks. Both the No Backup Plans (Titans) and Don’t Touch Me (Hunters) are solid options for defensive-minded players, whereas the Warlock’s Stag helmet is built specifically for lone wolves. The Stag is pretty useful for PvP, especially Trials of Osiris, because it lets a Warlock charge their super faster while their teammates are dead, in essence giving Sunsingers a quick road to Radiance (aka Self Revive).

For his exotic weapon, Xur has the Hereafter, a sniper rifle with a cool design. Built off of a defibrillator, the Hereafter has the ability to blind opponents when killing an enemy with a headshot. It also has increased zoom while crouched, which is perfect for those campers out there.

Destiny - Xur Inventory October 16

For a full rundown of Xur’s items and prices see the list below:

  • No Backup Plans (Titan Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Don't Touch Me (Hunter Gauntlets) – 13 Strange Coins
  • The Stag (Warlock Helmet) – 13 Strange Coins
  • Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram – 31  Strange Coins
  • Hereafter (Sniper Rifle) – 23 Strange Coins
  • Three of Coins – 7 Strange Coins

One of the new items on Xur’s menu are the Glass Needles, an essential consumable for the new Twist Fate feature. Twist Fate is basically a Year 2 version of reforging for Destiny players, but one that only works on exotic armor. So, if there are players who don’t like the Intellect/Discipline/Strength roll on their armor, or who maybe want reload speed on a different weapon type, the Twist Fate makes that possible. Glass Needles won’t come cheap, though, and are sold in bundles of 3 for 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard.

While plenty were hoping that Xur might continue his trend of selling exotic engrams to better assist their quest for 310 light level items, it’s nice to see the Agent of the Nine finally sell a Destiny: The Taken King exotic weapon. There aren’t too many that Xur can sell, so this should put many players on the track towards a full set.

What exotic items do you hope Xur sells next week?

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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